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Typical Clients

Typical Clients

Apartment Complexes

Tri-Tech Energy manages HVAC and Mechanical Services for some of the largest apartment complexes in the state of New Jersey. No matter how old your building, or how many units it has, we have the skills to deliver cost effective, highly efficient solutions to heating and cooling problems. And our preventative maintenance programs stop most issues before you ever need to call us.

Office Buildings and Campuses

Heating and cooling systems in large office complexes or campuses often involve a myriad of underground plumbing connections. This is an area of particular expertise for Tri-Tech Energy and we don’t need to sub it out. Whether your systems are centralized or distributed, we know what makes them operate most effectively and with the greatest longevity.

Retail Stores

Small malls and retail stores across NJ turn to Tri-Tech Energy for its expertise in distributed HVAC systems. Whether you are single store-owner, or manager of a mall complex, you receive the same expert and prompt service that Tri-Tech Energy provides all its clients.

Hospitality Properties

Commercial Rooftop HVACHuge hotels and resorts like “The Legacy Castle” in Pequannock NJ trusted Tri-Tech Energy to do the entire mechanical layout for heating and cooling throughout the resort. This multi-year project used some of the most advanced heating and cooling systems available. Our ability to design efficient domestic hot water systems for large volume water production along with redundancy considerations is what a modern hotel needs for guest comfort.

“As a Building Facilities Manager, I use Tri-Tech Energy for all my mechanical systems; boilers, HVAC systems, and controls. They understand that a properly installed system, in the correct application, creates comfort, low maintenance, and longevity of equipment”

– Alvaro Fuentes Hudson Tea Condominiums

Conference Centers

Conference Centers have special needs for distributed heating and cooling solutions. Older centers in particular can benefit from upgrades to air distribution systems and core components that will make their operation more reliable and less costly.


Tri-Tech Energy has a long list of schools and colleges it works with and these systems really run the gamut from ancient boilers in dark, smelly basements, to sparkling new rooftop systems and underground piping connecting buildings around the campus. When you need a real partner for your HVAC and mechanical work, Tri-Tech Energy is ideally qualified to help.


Tri-Tech Energy works with municipalities across NJ to repair, upgrade and maintain heating and cooling systems for public spaces and municipal buildings.

Post Offices

Tri-Tech Energy has updated and serviced HVAC systems in Municipal Post Offices across the state of NJ. Some of these systems are very old, and benefit greatly from upgrades or even just a good service call.

“As a large luxury property manager, I have made it a point to bring them along with me as I have always found them far superior to others in not only the quality of their work, but their analytical capabilities. At my most recent position, they quickly determined a cost efficient means of correcting a problem that the building had already invested much effort toward resolving…”

– Vito X. Lanotte Property Manager, Mediterranean Towers North


Churches and religious building present unique challenges for HVAC installation.  Many of these beautiful buildings require painstaking design of ductwork and venting systems so as not to interfere in any way with the power of the architecture. Tri-Tech Energy has done a number of these upgrades, in buildings as much as 200 years old! See our story on the upgrade at St. Mary’s in Denville to understand why we’re such a good partner for this.

Industrial/Manufacturing Companies

Tri-Tech Energy has been the mechanical services company of record for factories, research labs, and distribution centers in many different industries.  We’ve done extensive work in the pharmaceutical industry, including custom ventilation systems for out-gassing and other specialized, process-related plumbing systems.

General Contractors

When general contractors need prompt and competent commercial HVAC work, they often turn to Tri-Tech EnergyCall our team today to make us part of your team.

High End Residential

Tri-Tech Energy installs new residential HVAC systems in certain large homes and housing developments in northern New Jersey. If your residential project could benefit from the expertise of our team, give us a call today.