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Ventilation Systems

Commercial Air Ventilation Systems

Tri-Tech Energy has a unique competency in the design and installation of large scale ventilation systems for resorts, hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses. malls, and other large commercial Ventilation Systemsbuildings. We have done designs that encompass thousands of feet of duct runs, massive rooftop ventilation fans, commercial kitchen exhaust fans, even special ventilation systems for pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industries.

Modern building codes require careful airflow design including “make up air” considerations which prevent creation of negative pressure inside the building. This condition if not carefully considered will cause your vent fans to work harder and will introduce the inflow of unconditioned air or heated air into your space.  In certain applications, CO sensors must also be used to provide make up air that prevents exceeding dangerous CO thresholds. Ventilation systems of this complexity, with these considerations, are no stranger to the designers and technicians at Tri-Tech Energy.

Specialty Air and Gas Ventilation Systems

Tri-Tech Energy has specified and installed specialty ventilation systems for a number of applications not expressly related to heating or cooling systems.

  1. Exhaust and ventilation systems for parking garages
  2. Industrial applications for out-gassing harmful manufacturing by-products
  3. Commercial Kitchen exhaust applications.
  4. Rooftop ventilation fans
  5. Ventilation for Commercial Greenhouses. In these unique systems we use temperature sensing to control window louvres and exhaust fans to circulate air when needed.

In all our commercial ventilation system work, Tri-Tech Energy takes full advantage of our ability to design and manufacture custom ductwork solutions in our shop as required.

Please consider Tri-Tech Energy for your next commercial ventilation project.  Call us today.