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Heating System Controls

Heating Control Systems

Tri-Tech Energy installs a variety of Heating Control Systems which work to minimize your energy costs in a variety of ways. Heating system controls like the Trane tracer system and others are critical final components that allow your investment in new HVAC or Domestic Hot water to pay themselves back in energy savings over time. In a large commercial heating and or cooling installation, your HVAC control system is what makes your installation truly “GREEN”.


Steam and Hydronic Heating Controls

commercial Heating control systems NJAs specialists in commercial steam and hydronic heating systems, we are also experienced in the installation and programming of heating control systems for use in both new and retrofit applications. Commercial steam heating systems, and commercial hydronic heating systems can waste tremendous amounts of energy if boilers are not controlled properly.

Old buildings may have older steam heating systems with their noisy radiators and such. While new construction has largely left these steam systems behind in favor of more modern solutions, old steam heating systems can still be made much more cost effective to operate through installation of high efficiency boilers and an intelligent control system.


HVAC Control System Capabilities

Systems installed by Tri-Tech Energy can be selected and configured to control and integrate many parts of your Heating, Cooling, or Domestic Hot Water solution.

  • Integrated hydronic controls are chosen to efficiently meet building heating needs
  • Solutions for condensing, non-condensing, and hybrid boiler applications
  • Boiler sequencing and modulation – operates boilers at their peak efficiencies.
  • Water meter surveillance.
  • Typical systems have day/night programming with definable peak load and light load intervals.
  • Our solutions can integrate pumps, valves, dampers and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) controls
  • Minimizes cycling with highly reliable switching of boiler firing cycles thereby saving fuel on new and retrofit boiler applications.


Call Tri-Tech Energy today for a free analysis of how to reduce your energy use through intelligent application of modern heating and cooling control systems.


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