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Domestic Hot Water Systems

Domestic Hot Water Systems

Certain commercial buildings like hotels and some apartment buildings have a need for large quantities of on-demand hot water. Consider what would happen in a hotel if during peak shower hours of 6AM to 8AM your clients ran out of hot water because your systems can’t deliver it properly or in sufficient quantity!  In hotels and resorts, the need for redundant, properly sized domestic hot water systems is critical to ensuring the comfort and contentment of your attendants.

Tri-Tech Energy has successfully sized, designed and installed domestic hot water systems for both large and small clients. The sizing and design of domestic hot water systems is both an art and a science. Our team uses sophisticated computer tools and custom software to analyze demand. Then we use our decades of experience and intimate knowledge of product capabilities to determine the appropriate pick up load for your building. During implementation we can install sophisticated boiler controls, that we can program to stage the boiler load in order to use minimal energy while making sure nobody gets a cold shower, ever.

Domestic Hot Water Services for New and Old Commercial Buildings

Whether you are building a banquet hall from scratch like “The Legacy Castle” or you’re trying to upgrade the hot water systems in your 100 year old apartment building, we’ve been involved with helping others just like you for over 30 years. Our senior team represents decades of experience dealing with domestic hot water systems in every imaginable condition. We will help you find the most cost effective short and long term solution to your domestic hot water problems in ways that others who lack our experience, can’t.


Please call Tri-Tech Energy today to discuss your domestic hot water system repair, installation, or maintenance needs.

For General Contractors – Tri-Tech Energy Checklist for Domestic Hot Water Analysis

If you have a new commercial building and you are considering a partner for the implementation of a domestic hot water system, Tri-Tech Energy is interested in bidding your project. Our process for analysis includes the following:

• In what type of building will the domestic hot water system be installed?
• Where is the building physically located?
• What NJ state building codes are applicable to the project?
• Do any local code amendments apply?
• Does the owner or operator of the building have any unusual requirements?
• Does the owner or operator of the building prefer a particular type of system?
• How much system redundancy does the owner or operator of the building want?
• Does the building have existing hot water systems?
• What area of the building will the system serve?
• What is the area used for?
• How many plumbing fixtures will be installed?
• Who will be using the plumbing fixtures?
• Are any high-usage fixtures, such as hot tubs or heated pools included?
• Does the owner plan to expand the facility in the future?
• Does the building include laundry, foodservice, or health club areas?
• How many areas will be used simultaneously?
• How much space is available for the system?
• What energy sources are available?
• Where in the building will the equipment be placed?
• Will flues or combustion air be a problem due to the location?
• What is the building’s cold water source?
• What are the water hardness, pH, total dissolved solids, and other water quality parameters?
• Will the system be inactive for long periods?
• How far from the heater will the furthest fixture be?
• How many showers will be used simultaneously and for what duration?

The team at Tri-Tech Energy are experts at the analysis of these and many other factors that produce a solid system design and implementation. We’ve done these systems on buildings large and small for decades. We are competent, dependable, and value oriented. In short, we pride ourselves on being much more than technicians, we are partners.

Please call the team today to discuss your project.