Domestic hot water systems are some of the most critical parts of a building’s infrastructure, supplying guests and residents of hotels, resorts, and multifamily buildings, as well as commercial businesses, with a reliable supply of hot water. When domestic hot water systems aren’t performing, complaints, costs, and health and safety risks go up. So, what can facility managers do to keep domestic hot water systems at optimal operational levels? Here are some tips from NJ commercial heating system specialists.

Characteristics of High-Performance Domestic Hot Water Systems 

High-performance commercial heating systems like domestic hot water systems share common goals that can shape a strategy for getting similar systems on the same level. These include:

  • Delivering hot water on demand at a safe and suitable temperature for the application where it will be used. Water should be stored at 140 degrees Fahrenheit in commercial applications to prevent legionella outbreaks.
  • Consuming as little energy as possible while meeting demand and temperature requirements in order to keep operational costs low.
  • Minimal emissions during operation through energy-efficiency measures and less carbon-intensive technologies. In New York City alone, domestic hot water systems account for 12% of the total energy used by buildings.

How to Improve Domestic Hot Water System Performance

  • System Overhaul:
    This is the most costly and intensive option. But, it does deliver exceptional results, especially in buildings that use a combined space heating and domestic hot water system. By separating these two systems and implementing a new domestic hot water system, buildings can see a decrease in annual fuel usage of approximately 10,000 BTU per square foot.
  • Installation of Domestic Hot Water Control Systems:
    These systems are considerably more affordable than a complete overhaul. In addition, the resulting energy savings ensure they pay themselves off over time. These sophisticated boiler controls effectively manage the boiler load to deliver optimal energy savings while still ensuring everyone has access to sufficient hot water. 

Our NJ Commercial Heating Systems Specialists Have the Cost-Effective Solution You Need 

Domestic hot water control systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our commercial heating systems team will perform a rigorous and detailed analysis of your domestic hot water system components, its performance as well as your facility’s need before developing a cost-effective solution tailored to your individual system.

At Tri-Tech Energy, we’ve been helping clients in the New Jersey and Tristate area for over 30 years, working on a wide range of both old and new commercial facilities, and delivering custom domestic hot water systems and commercial heating control systems that are cost-effective and durable. We have the experience you are looking for.

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