Low water pressure is a common challenge in high-rise buildings, especially multi-family apartment buildings, commercial office buildings, and hotels. Unfortunately, this often leads to tenant complaints and client service issues. Here are some of the most common causes of this issue and their solutions from our domestic hot water systems team in NJ.

Problems in Your Plumbing System

If you have an adequate supply, but are still receiving complaints of the pressure being low in the faucets, showers, and appliances, then your building may have one of several internal plumbing issues. These could include:

Clogged Pipes:

This is often the case in older buildings where rust and sediment have built up over time, filling the pipes and reducing the flow of water. Pipes from boilers can appear to be in good condition only to find that they are corroded and full of black sludge when opened up. It’s important to have your boiler system regularly serviced to reduce this build-up, which can also affect heating performance and costs.

Malfunctioning Valves:

If you have recently had your plumbing system worked on or upgraded, there may be an issue with the design or one of the new valves. Sometimes valves can even be left closed by accident. This can be determined by an inspection of your pipes and valves.

Low Water Supply

If your building isn’t getting enough water at the service entrance, your plumbing system won’t be able to supply the demand in your building, especially during peak times. Often, lower floors will have sufficient water pressure, with the pressure reducing the higher up you go in the building. This can occur for many reasons, from temporarily reduced supply due to a leak or maintenance, or even insufficient infrastructure in your area. This can be corrected by installing an elevated water tank or pressure booster.

Low Hot Water Supply

If you’re only experiencing low hot water pressure, there is likely an issue with your building’s domestic hot water system. It may not be strong enough to supply hot water during peak demand times or it may be compromised by lack of maintenance, damaged parts or a build-up of sludge. Your commercial heating system contractor can clean, service, and repair your hot water system quickly and efficiently.

If your system is struggling to meet demand, installing a smart, integrated hot water control solution is essential to maintaining optimal client service. It will not only increase the effectiveness of your domestic hot water system without the need for a full upgrade, but will also help to reduce the energy use significantly.

Service, Repairs, and Upgrades for Domestic Hot Water Systems in NJ

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