Having a fully-working, effective commercial heating system is essential to any operation, whether you are running an apartment building, office block, hotel or manufacturing plant. And, this means committing to regular, professional maintenance. 

More Downtime Means More Money Down the Drain

If your domestic hot water system is running well at the moment, you may think that it’s not worth it to call out a maintenance team to run a preventative maintenance program. But this is a misconception of what a commercial heating system service entails.

In a preventative maintenance program, commercial contractors run a thorough inspection of your system. This ensures that minor issues that would otherwise go unnoticed are repaired, and that the standard replacement of parts is done before their poor condition places your system under strain. The idea is to keep your system running smoothly and prevent downtime, rather than wait for costly repair issues to occur.

This doesn’t mean that your domestic hot water system won’t ever break down. But, it does mean that many possible breakdowns are prevented, that repairs are not usually as costly or extensive, and that any repairs mean hours of downtime, rather than days.

This is critical for any commercial or industrial building, where a loss of heating and hot water means lost productivity, unhappy clients, and loss of professional reputation. In the end, not having your commercial heating system serviced won’t save you money. In fact, it will probably cost you much more in the long-term.

Domestic Hot Water System Maintenance is Critical to Operational Safety

A professionally maintained domestic hot water system is a safe heating system. On the other hand, one that hasn’t been maintained is a serious safety hazard. Without maintenance and repairs, the safety of the system is compromised, which can lead to flooding and property damage as well as injury or loss of life. Critical components like safety systems, pressure valves, release valves, temperature valves, tanks, and pipes have to be maintained on a regular basis to prevent situations where explosive over-pressurization can occur, ensuring the safety of everyone on the site as well as that of their property.

24/7 Emergency Repair and Maintenance of Commercial Heating Systems in New Jersey

If your commercial heating systems require repair, maintenance or replacement, our commercial HVAC company in NJ is here to assist. At Tri-Tech Energy, we specialize in commercial heating systems and domestic hot water control systems. 

We serve the entire New Jersey area and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, our team is ready to help whenever you need it.

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