With meteorologists predicting an especially icy ‘polar coaster’ season for the winter months, it’s essential for commercial building managers of office buildings, malls, schools, and apartment buildings to make sure their commercial heating systems are as energy-efficient as possible. Here are some tips from commercial heating contractors to lower your energy costs this winter:

Schedule a Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Each year, your commercial heating systems and domestic hot water systems should be thoroughly inspected and serviced in the fall, before the cold weather hits. This ensures that the system is ready for the switch over and the increased demand, ensuring that the system doesn’t fail and that efficiency is optimized through these months. The last thing any commercial building manager wants to see is unhappy tenants without hot water or heating in winter, or a skyrocketing energy bill.

Take Steps to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Heating System

The commercial HVAC industry has seen some impressive advances in recent years, many of which focus on increasing energy efficiency in heating systems. An experienced commercial contractor can evaluate your system in the fall and suggest new technology that can be fully integrated into the system before the winter. This can include advanced heating controls and domestic hot water control systems that minimize wastage, while enhancing system performance, increasing energy efficiency and paying themselves off in savings.

Optimize Domestic Hot Water Heating

Domestic hot water systems need to supply the right amount of hot water, even during peak hours. But, that doesn’t mean the temperature needs to be set high. In fact, this can be dangerous and could result in scalding of the users as well as a high energy bill for you. Domestic hot water controls ensure optimal flow and pressure during low and peak periods at the proper temperature setting of around 120 degrees, keeping water hygienic as well as cost-effective.

Develop a Monitored Plan for the Winter Months

A professional HVAC contractor can assist you with optimizing thermostats and commercial heating systems for the winter to ensure optimal efficiency. With the right sensors and control systems, building managers are able to receive data as feedback from the system on a daily basis to ensure that performance is being properly monitored. These smart-systems are also able to alert building managers to possible issues with the system, ensuring a contractor can repair minor issues in time to prevent malfunction, downtime or an excessive energy bill.

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