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Commercial Rooftop HVAC

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Systems

Many Apartments, office buildings and factories will find large rooftop air conditioning and rooftop heating systems to be the best fit for both ergonomic and practical reasons. These rooftop HVAC units when installed and configured properly are cost effective to install and provide extremely reliable delivery of heating and cooling to apartment buildings, offices, condos, medical facilities, and more.

Our selection and installation of ultra-reliable rooftop HVAC units with sophisticated control systems, provide modern day efficiency and cost savings but are installed with experienced old-world craftsmanship.

Tri-Tech Energy differentiates itself because of the wide variety of HVAC solutions we can handle. As one of the largest commercial HVAC companies in New Jersey, we can provide economies of scale, and a service level that most of our competitors just can’t (or won’t).  While Tri-Tech Energy can provide or service a rooftop cooling solution for any size business or commercial property, we have also performed some of the largest rooftop HVAC installations in the state of New Jersey, including two 90 Ton units like below installed at “The Legacy Castle” in Pequannok NJ, an 85,000 square foot banquet facility.

Commercial Rooftop HVACAt this facility, Tri-Tech Energy was the exclusive HVAC Contractor providing installation of the entire system including laying over 10,000 linear feet of ductwork! Specialty systems like linear diffusers were used to provide the most uniform and aesthetically pleasing cooling solution possible, a stunning marriage of heating technology with resort ergonomics and design.

Your Commercial HVAC project is not Too Small For Tri-Tech Energy.

At Tri-Tech Energy part of our value system is to deliver the small commercial building or factory operator, the same great systems and service that our largest clients get. Perhaps the best way to understand that is to tell a story.


Rooftop Heating, Air Conditioning Services and Installation in New Jersey

However old (or non-existent) your current systems are, Tri-Tech Energy is able to repair, update or replace them. We can make this claim boldly because there is so much experience on our senior team that there is almost nothing we haven’t already seen and nothing we can’t figure out and service in a timely, cost effective way.

And if you really do need a new rooftop ac unit or rooftop furnace installed anywhere in NJ, not only will your rooftop HVAC unit be installed by our expert team of highly trained HVAC technicians, but you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’re large enough to deliver truly 24-hour emergency service throughout the year, ensuring you always have a service professional when you need one.

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Service Contracts

Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…”, and nowhere is this truer than in your commercial HVAC installation. Our service plans put our technicians on-site 2 or 4 times a year to do the maintenance that keeps small repairs from becoming large ones.

For Rooftop HVAC Installations this can mean things like:

  1. Air filter inspection and replacement as needed.
  2. Inspect the blower wheel housing for dirt, sticks, leaves, dead animals etc…
  3. Inspect all belts, pulleys, bearings, and lubricate as required.
  4. Replace all blower belt drives annually.
  5. Inspect and empty drain pans and condensate drain lines as required.
  6. Inspect the economizer annually. This includes the actuator, dampers, and temp sensors.
  7. Inspect and verify all electrical connections.
  8. Check for voltage imbalances. This is critical for the proper operation of motors in a 3-phase system.
  9. Inspect gas burners, igniter, and combustion section (gas fed heating)
  10. Overall operational checks and periodic calibration.

Whatever your need for commercial HVAC systems, Tri-Tech Energy would like to be the last commercial HVAC vendor you’ll ever need.  Please call us today or email our team here.