As a commercial HVAC company in NJ, we talk a lot about energy efficiency with our clients – and it’s not difficult to see why. Energy use is one of the most significant running costs of a commercial building, with HVAC systems accounting for a seriously large portion of that bill, especially during cold New Jersey winters. One of the solutions suggested by our team of commercial ventilation systems specialists is investing in zone control systems.

Benefits of HVAC Zone Control Systems

Firstly, it is important to emphasize that ensuring a comfortable flow of fresh, clean air at the right temperature is non-negotiable for apartment buildings, office complexes, hotels, and other commercial buildings. So, it is essential to invest in a quality commercial HVAC system as well as a professional preventative maintenance program.

In the past, commercial HVAC systems were very limited in their customizability, with many commercial buildings having just one thermostat and one HVAC system to control multiple floors and spaces. This blanket solution is highly inefficient, wasting thousands of dollars. And, it often results in inconsistent or uncomfortable temperatures throughout the building.

Zone control systems solve these issues by allowing you to set the temperature and air flow for multiple different spaces within the building without impacting other spaces. In this way, HVAC settings can be customized for optimal performance as well as being tailored to your tenant’s preferences. Clearly, it is a great way to satisfy your tenants and save money. 

For example, HVAC can be adjusted for floors or spaces not currently in use, turned up in spaces that require more heating or cooling or the air flow can be increased in spaces that are closed off and can become stuffy. In office buildings, HVAC can be set to minimal temperatures when tenants have closed for the evening and restarted to ensure the perfect temperature when they arrive for the next day’s business.

Overall, the system’s benefits of consistent heating and cooling, custom temperature control and lower energy bills is a win-win situation for building owners and managers as well as their tenants and customers.

System Installation, Maintenance, and Emergency Repairs from Expert Commercial HVAC Contractors in NJ

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