Many commercial HVAC contractors recommend Automated Building Control Systems (ABCS). An ABCS is a singular system that controls cooling, heating, ventilation, electrical, security, lighting, and hot water in large commercial buildings, and are custom built to fit the specifics of each individual property. Rather than operate multiple systems for each component of your commercial building, why not use an ABCS to streamline your systems?

Benefits of using an ABCS include:

They increase the value of your property. When you install an ABCS you’re improving the infrastructure of your building while making it more energy efficient, and in return your building becomes more valuable. Properties that have ABCS are often valued more than properties without one, and as the push to streamline building operations gets stronger, ABCS are absolutely a worthwhile investment. 

Lower energy costs. ABCS use various diagnostic tools like sensors and timers to ensure your electrical systems and your HVAC systems are running as efficiently as possible, reducing waste, minimizing your energy consumption, and lowering your monthly bills. ABCS also collect data from your building so you can identify potential areas for improvement. This is a win-win for you because you’re saving money and reducing the environmental footprint of your building. 

Improved comfort for staff and clients. We’ve all worked in an office building where the temperature is never quite right; it’s either too cold or too warm, and someone needs to be responsible for adjusting the thermometer every time there’s a complaint. With an ABCS you can pre-program your ideal temperature settings and the system works to maintain this temperature, providing an ideal atmosphere for staff, clients, and other visitors. ABCS also do the same with lighting throughout the building. 

Increased productivity and reduced interruptions. When using an ABCS your systems are less likely to break down, meaning your workday won’t be interrupted and your staff won’t be inconvenienced by repair people constantly coming into the office. It also saves you having to send people home because the air conditioning doesn’t work, or the heating is broken.

Lower maintenance costs. As mentioned above, ABCS are designed to minimize breakdowns and prolong the life of your existing systems. However it’s still important to have your ABCS serviced on a regular basis to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

Valuable data collection. You can control and monitor your building’s systems anytime, from anywhere, using an ABCS. These systems can alert you to any irregularities or areas of concern before they become big problems, and you can send for a technician immediately. Smaller issues often go unnoticed until they become much larger, but ABCS allow you to keep your building running as smoothly as possible.

Modern commercial HVAC systems

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing commercial HVAC system, there are many modern options to choose from. From WiFi-controlled systems you operate via an app to sensors that detect when people are in the building and adjust the temperature accordingly, the latest HVAC systems are convenient, energy efficient, and can be controlled entirely from your smartphone. 

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