In 2017, investment in data centers grew to an all-time high of $18.2 billion, doubling the value of investment in 2016 – and it’s not difficult to see why. Data centers make so much of today’s modern technology possible, from video streaming services and money transfers to data storage and much more – this is, after all, where the cloud lives. These centers are dominated by vast data storage systems, and if it’s one thing these systems need to operate efficiently and reliably, it’s environmental temperature control.

Data centers produce a huge amount of heat and, when this heat isn’t managed properly, it leads to slower servers and – eventually – server failures. Unfortunately, the same issues occur if the air is too cold. This means that HVAC systems have to be designed, installed and maintained with a very precise focus in order to deliver the ideal air temperature consistently and reliably through these huge spaces. Here are some tips on achieving this from our team of commercial HVAC contractors.

  • Remove non-essential heat sources: You can save on energy costs and reduce pressure on your commercial HVAC system by having a ruthless approach to unnecessary heat sources. These include baseboard heaters, lightbulbs and server equipment that is not currently in use. Just saving one watt of power at the server level can mean a total savings of 3 watts in the data center due to reduced pressure on heat management systems.
  • Invest in effective airflow management: This amounts to delivering cool air to where it’s needed and removing hot exhaust air as quickly and efficiently as possible. Common strategies for achieving this, include using variable speed fan drives in the HVAC unit, enclosing server racks to reduce the mixing of hot and cold air, and ensuring the HVAC and ductwork is designed to uniquely suit your building and server configuration.
  • Don’t forget about humidity: Too much or too little moisture in the air can also damage server equipment, so don’t leave this out of the equation. Additionally, maintaining a constant, optimal humidity level puts less pressure on your HVAC system and modern systems can even utilize cool outdoor air (especially nighttime air) to reduce mechanical cooling costs.

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