Large buildings like office buildings, schools, apartment buildings, government buildings and industrial buildings have some of the highest energy costs in the country. These systems are essential to providing fresh, clean air at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, ensuring the health and productivity of the people inside. It’s essential that building operation managers implement technology and systems that reduce these costs without compromising on air quality and comfort– this is where HVAC control systems come in.

HVAC Control Systems in 2019

In the northern half of the country, saving money on energy is mostly about the ‘H’ in HVAC. Heating costs can consume anywhere from 60 to 90% of your overall energy bill, especially in older buildings with older boiler equipment or inefficient heating configurations. Modern Heating Control systems like the Heat-Timer Platinum Series, use wireless space sensors to detect everything from temperatures, to pressures in the system, even CO2 levels, and water and steam flow measurements. They use this information to carefully control multiple boilers and even learn the unique heating characteristics of your building to anticipate demand and improve heating efficiency over time. State of the art heating controls like the Heat-Timer Platinum, cost a small fraction of what the energy savings will be over time, even in a small building. It is worth getting the most modern, efficient system available because if you’re going to do the work to install it, you should be looking for the maximum savings potential long term.

While this has been all about maximizing energy savings, there’s more to to be gained by implementing a state-of-the-art HVAC control system. For instance, the environmental benefits are significant, as is any investment that reduces energy usage, and the need for boiler repair and replacement. This in turn lowers emissions and waste, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. Then there’s another kind of green benefit however, government subsidies. To offset the initial investment of introducing energy efficient heating systems to your buildings,  there are often state and federal rebates to support these types of eco-friendly investments because they take pressure off the electrical grid and are part of various state run “green” initiatives.

But perhaps one of the best things about modern HVAC control systems is how much they can improve the quality of life of building managers and HVAC technicians across the country. Specifically, heating Controls like the Heat-Timer Platinum series for instance, are internet friendly and have mobile Apps that are completely integrated to the boiler room or rooms under control. Diagnosing system faults no longer requires a boiler room visit as the system will send alerts to building managers on their cell phones, noting where the fault occurred and what happened, so that repairs are faster and easier or even correctable by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone. These systems can help operators reduce capacity during off-peak hours and ramp it up for peak times, even allowing for separate billing to different tenants according to their use by monitoring exact energy expenditure in a specific zone.

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