If you are considering an upgrade for your building’s commercial HVAC, then a rooftop unit could be the solution you’re looking for, as they offer high performance along with high efficiency. Here are just a few of the benefits of these commercial HVAC systems.

  • They run cleanly and quietly:
    Unlike ground units, rooftop HVAC units have significantly less exposure to dirt from the environment. While you do have to cater for dirty filters (especially in cities or where there is a high pollen count) and prevent snow build-up, these units are less vulnerable to plant debris, leaves and sand. Their placement high up on your building’s roof far away from any entrances also means that they don’t add to the noise around your building, which is great for the tenants of your apartments and office buildings.
  • Modular, space-saving installation:
    In commercial buildings, space is a priority – and these units make efficient use of unused space on your building’s roof. They are designed to integrate easily with an existing system and you can add additional units with ease, allowing you to supply different temperatures to different parts of your building to meet tenant requirements.
  • Optimal aesthetics:
    How your building looks plays a significant role in attracting great tenants, and rooftop units help you achieve your aesthetic goals by hiding noisy commercial HVAC units out of sight so that you can maximize your building’s landscaping.
  • Good security:
    A rooftop of a multi-story building is inherently more secure than the ground floor, keeping your commercial HVAC unit safe from theft, damage and vandalism while still ensuring that it is easy for commercial HVAC contractors to access and work on.
  • Simple maintenance:
    While these units (like any other component of your commercial HVAC system) will require some maintenance, they are well-known for their low maintenance needs. Their location makes them easy to work on around the year, making preventative maintenance simple. This reduces your overall HVAC costs, keeps your system running at optimal efficiency for maximum cost-savings, and lengthens its lifespan.

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