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Your Complete Commercial HVAC Contractor in NJ & Beyond

Your Complete Commercial HVAC Contractor in New Jersey

The clients of Tri-Tech Energy are owners and managers of  commercial buildings, apartment complexes, retail stores, hotels and resorts, schools and universities, religious buildings, office complexes, factories and warehouses, and large luxury  homes or residential spaces. 

Most of our largest clients have been with us for years, even decades. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. You want a no-nonsense, no-excuses approach to resolution of your heating and cooling challenges.
  2. You want fast service. On any given day, we have crews active all over the state of NJ and we answer emergency calls 24/7
  3. You want a larger, more reliable and more experienced partner, not some two-man operation “who also does commercial”. Large and small commercial are all we do, each day, every day.
  4. You need a company who knows whatever equipment you may have, no matter how old. Understanding the bizzare and unique operational configurations of older HVAC systems in older buildings, is a core competency for us that we are very proud of.
  5. Our corporate philosophy is built on fairness. We don’t overcharge, over bill, and we stand behind our work.

Our clients also appreciate the long term savings that comes when we design, select and install modern high efficiency heating and cooling systems with advanced energy control systems. Tri-Tech Energy maintains HVAC servicing partnerships with building owners, facilities managers, business owners and apartment and hotel management companies across New Jersey.

It’s generally our reputation that sets us apart.

For over 30 years Tri-Tech Energy has built a service model that is unique in the industry for its no nonsense, no excuses approach to customer service. When we say we are a “full-service” heating, ventilation and air-conditioning contractor, you can be sure that really means what you think it means.

All Commercial Buildings of Any Size

Don’t imagine we are too big for you. We’ve worked with local churches and synagogues, strip malls and factories. We take care of HVAC systems for Hotels, Motels, and restaurants. Our focus is commercial HVAC so if you own or manage any kind of commercial enterprise, we are interested in and able to service your building, no matter how old, or how small the need.

On the other hand, there is really no upper limit to the building sizes or complexity of systems we design, install, and service. Tri-Tech Energy crews perform around the clock service, repair, and maintenance of some of the largest commercial systems in the state. This has included some of the largest apartment complexes in New Jersey with over 1000 units, as well as resorts, large office buildings, and large pharmaceutical manufacturers in the state.

Does Tri-Tech Energy Do residential HVAC Servicing?

While we are primarily a commercial HVAC Service Company, Tri-Tech Energy does work on select residential systems and properties. These are generally large homes, with more complex residential heating/cooling systems. Please call us if you need a quote on your residential project.

Commercial HVAC Services Company.

Our entire focus for over 30 years has been affordable, responsive service. Its how we grew from a few guys and a truck, to over 50 employees, a fleet of trucks and utility vehicles, and a 15,000 square foot facility in Montville NJ where our corporate headquarters is located.

The benefits of working with Tri-Tech Energy include:

  1. Deep experience in commercial rooftop cooling systems and air handling. As a maker of custom ductwork in-house, this is an area of particular expertise and one where our large scale commercial experience in this area that will insure your system is safe, cost effective, and done right the first time.
  2. Thoughtful analysis and design – Especially in older buildings where “ripping it out” is not always the best option. We give you options the other guys won’t even think of, from the most expedient, to the most cost effective, to the most comprehensive.
  3. Value orientation. With Tri-Tech Energy you never get nickel and dimed. Being fair and straight with people is how we grew our business. It’s the philosophy of our founder and president, and is central to how you will experience our work.
  4. A commitment to our employees and our environment. Regardless of whether we’re installing, repairing or simply maintaining your systems, we take that responsibility very seriously. We know your commercial enterprise will succeed or fail, in part, depending upon how well we help create a sustainable environment for that success. That’s why our technicians undergo extensive training throughout the year, and are screened to be the most personable and expert technicians in the industry.

HVAC installations

Tri-Tech Energy offers a wide selection of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products to choose from. If you’re upgrading a current system or working on a new construction project, Tri-Tech Energy has the resources to handle the scope of your project. We work with top brands and manufacturers that our technicians know and trust.

Whether you need your HVAC system repaired or replaced, Tri-Tech Energy’s experienced contractors can help. Comprised of reputable commercial HVAC contractors in NJ, the team at Tri-Tech Energy can take care of your heat or air conditioning problem, whatever it may be. If you’re wondering whether it is in your best interest to repair your system or replace it when a breakdown occurs, a knowledgeable technician will assess the current condition, present your options, and give you an honest opinion regarding your best course of action.

Advanced diagnostic equipment is used to locate the problem and evaluate the condition of your HVAC system. Taking into consideration the cost of the repair and the age of the equipment, your technician will inform you of all your options and make a recommendation.

Contact us today for an estimate or for emergency repairs on your commercial HVAC systems