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Commercial Cooling for St. Mary’s

Consider that Tri-Tech Energy does work for many small commercial and religious buildings like St. Mary’s in Dover New Jersey. Over at St Mary’s, Father Derek had a problem: How to put air conditioning in a 145 year old church and rectory that never had it!

Fortunately, the challenges presented by old buildings are an area of special expertise for the team at Tri-Tech Energy.

To make sure the beautiful aesthetics of the 145 year old church were not compromised in any way by ductwork or other intrusions, Tri-Tech Energy designed a sophisticated hybrid system that used a combination of traditional heat pumps, carefully concealed local venting, coupled with a multi headed mini split system running off multiple condensers. Positioning of the four central heat pump units was critical and unfortunately the best and only real place for them turned out to be an attic room only accessible by climbing through the church’s bell tower!

How exactly though, do you get four 10 ton heat pump units up into the bell tower attic?

It turns out that you basically have to take them apart and carry them up there piece by piece.  Then, you put them back together….

In the end the work at St. Mary’s was an interesting and thoroughly satisfying challenge for the team. But most importantly, the parishioners at St Mary’s for the first time in 145 years, aren’t dripping with sweat through the summer services. Pretty cool right?