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Commercial Air Conditioning in New Jersey

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor in New Jersey

Tri-Tech Energy installs, maintains, and repairs commercial cooling systems of every size and age across the state of NJ. Our experience is over a 30 year period handling some of the largest commercial enterprises in NJ who trust our expertise, responsiveness, and integrity.

We handle all sizes of commercial air conditioning installations, from small individual systems used in Condo complexes or Churches, to gigantic rooftop air conditioning units used in hotels, factories, and office buildings.

What Makes A Commercial HVAC Contractor Like Tri-Tech Energy Unique?

There are few elements of Tri-Tech Energy’s business operation that stand out for those looking for a relationship with a commercial HVAC Service company.

  1. Commercial Air conditioning services, rooftop air conditioning systemsWe have dozens of trucks and crews on call 24/7 and are simply more consistently responsive than other HVAC companies. This is a critical factor when emergencies affect potentially dozens of families at an apartment complex in the middle of winter for instance.
  2. We can make our own custom ventilation and ductwork right in our facility in Northern NJ, saving time and money on many of our jobs.
  3. Our competency in large commercial cooling rooftop installations and the custom ventilation that goes with them are second to none in the industry.
  4. Our ability to work in old buildings. Our team can bring your HVAC systems into modern, energy efficient compliance without breaking the bank. Or if you just need it fixed quick, we can do that too. Our senior team has literally hundreds of years of combined experience servicing older systems. Chances are we’ve seen your system before, or one just like it.
  5. Control Systems. For modern energy efficient commercial cooling and heating systems, automated controls are a must. Tri-Tech Energy is a leader in the selection and installation of these systems. Don’t forget that the control system is only as good as the ductwork and mechanical systems it controls. They must all be specified properly and work together as one.

Our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to provide for all your commercial heating and air conditioning needs. We can design, install, repair, or replace any portion of your HVAC system. The one constant in all of our work is our goal to achieve our customer’s complete and total satisfaction.

A Commercial Air Conditioner Service Company in New Jersey

Some of the common services we provide to clients whose buildings we maintain are:

  • Central Air Conditioning Installation, Service and Repair
  • Cooling Tower Installation,Service and Repair
  • Rooftop Unit Installation, Service and Repair
  • Condenser Service and Repair
  • Chiller Service and Repair
  • Air-Conditioning Service & Installation
  • Ventilation system design and ductwork manufacturing and installation.

Emergency Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Services in New Jersey

If your air conditioner or heater ever breaks down at your NJ commercial property, our highly skilled repair technicians are ready to assist you. We provide emergency air conditioning and heating repair services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The responsiveness of our emergency repair teams, is one of the major things we’ve built our business on over the years. Building managers who get tired of trying to track down their commercial HVAC contractor in the middle of the night on a holiday, will find that we are consistently a phone call away.

Our professionals will respond quickly to your call and will work tirelessly until your HVAC system is restored to full operation. Your business or building will be returned to normal in the quickest time period possible.

The Tri-Tech Energy Philosophy of Service

At Tri-Tech Energy we like to believe that we have big company capabilities, delivered with small company attention. That means you have one guy to call to get our complete attention, no waiting days for a call back. If you need us on weekends or after hours, we are there.

Please consider trying Tri-Tech Energy for your next commercial air conditioning or heating needs.

Call us at (973) 335-2600 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.