Gas Heating or Heat Pumps? How Commercial Heating Options Measure Up

How Construction Materials Influence Building Air Quality

Indoor air quality is increasingly becoming an important focus for facilities management and building design due to its effects on the health, wellbeing, and productivity of building occupants. Here’s how construction materials can impact building air quality and how the …
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Tips for Improving the Performance of Domestic Hot Water Systems

Domestic hot water systems are some of the most critical parts of a building’s infrastructure, supplying guests and residents of hotels, resorts, and multifamily buildings, as well as commercial businesses, with a reliable supply of hot water. When domestic hot …
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4 Building Upgrades Recommended for 2020

Upgrades are a natural part of the lifecycle of a commercial building, bringing benefits such as a reduced environmental footprint, improved safety and more importantly, reduced operating costs. Before implementing an upgrade, it’s important to properly evaluate each option to …
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