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Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation Services in New Jersey

New Jersey Commercial enterprises like apartment buildings, factories, office buildings, schools, and houses of worship need reliable heating and cooling all day, every day. When facilities managers of these properties need a commercial boiler installation anywhere in New Jersey, they often call us here at Tri-Tech Energy.Commercial Boiler Installation, commercial boiler repair and service company

After 30 years installing and serving commercial boilers across the state, we’ve become one of the largest Commercial Boiler servicing companies in NJ. Our fleet of trucks can be seen across NJ on any given day. Our success is related to the work ethic we’ve had since we started: “Do what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it.”, no excuses.

Our experienced, professional boiler installation crews each have decades of combined experience and will make sure that your commercial boiler system gets off to the right start. Efficient, effective heating power begins at the point of installation, so make sure your boiler installation is handled by professionals.

Commercial Boiler & Related Services Provided By Tri-Tech Energy

When it comes to boiler servicing or mechanical building maintenance, there is really nothing we don’t have the ability or experience to do and do quickly.

  • 24/7 Emergency Boiler System Repair
  • We Repair All Makes & Models
  • Boiler Repairs, Sales & Installation
  • Heat Pump Repairs, Sales & Installation
  • Furnace Repairs, Sales & Installation
  • Programmable Thermostats& Controls
  • Custom Duct Work
  • Humidification
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Ductless Mini-Split Heating Systems
  • Zoned Heating
  • VAV (Variable Air Volume) Systems
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Ongoing Maintenance Plans

Boiler Installation and Replacement Company Considerations

One of the reasons to hire a larger Boiler service company, is the service they can provide by having many different crews that can service your building on an emergency basis. That includes weekends and the middle of the night. If you are a facility manager, you want the kind of relationship that gives you that kind of service and support, long after your boiler is installed. That kind of straight talking service is why Tri-Tech Energy provides boiler service contracts to some of the largest Apartment complex management companies in the state of NJ.

Replacing Your Commercial Boiler for Energy Efficiency

Growing demand for efficient space heating systems in colder climatic zones (like NJ) will drive the commercial boiler market.

A typical Commercial boiler system in the USA uses 1,040 trillion Btu’s (British thermal units) of natural gas annually. It takes 709 trillion Btu’s to heat 32 percent, or 20 billion square feet of commercial floor space (excluding malls). Boiler systems clearly represent a major energy end use in the commercial sector.

Whether gas or oil, energy costs consume the largest portion of every commercial facilities’ budget. Northeast U.S. exceeds $9 billion dollars in fuel costs alone.

Today’s standard boiler efficiency rating operates between 80-85% efficient. Older models are found operating in the 50 – 55% range.High Efficiency Boilers are now available with ratings as high as 98%, meaning a Boiler replacement or new installation of a high efficiency unit could reduce your buildings fuel costs close to 50%. This is a massive savings for most commercial buildings, one that can pay back the cost of installation in less than a year.

Tri-Tech Energy Wants to Partner with You!

Whatever the size of your business or commercial building, Tri-tech Energy wants to partner with you. We’re confident that you’ll find us the most competent, prompt, and thorough “boiler repair guys” you’ve even dealt with.

Please give us a call today.