Windows are not simply a decorative aspect of building design. Choosing the right windows for a commercial building can dramatically impact on a building’s energy usage, heating, and cooling needs, whether it’s a school, religious building, hotel, retail mall, office space or restaurant. Here are some insights from our team of specialists in commercial HVAC in NJ.

Choosing the Correct Windows – What Are the Challenges? 

There are several aspects to consider when selecting new windows or replacement windows for a commercial building in New Jersey, including:


The more windows you have and the larger they are, the easier it is to use natural daylight to light your building. This has been shown to be beneficial to occupant well-being, productivity, and health, as well as helping to significantly reduce lighting loads, maintenance, and energy expenses.

Heating and Cooling 

Windows are a weak point when it comes to insulating a building properly, as they account for a high proportion of heat exchange between the inside of the building and the outdoor environment. This can increase summer heat gains and heat losses in winter, making heating and cooling your building more challenging and expensive.

How to Manage These Challenges for Optimal Building Performance

When selecting commercial window options for your building, it is important to consider thermal performance, especially regarding insulation. The manner in which the windows are constructed directly impacts how well they are insulated, with triple-pane windows offering the highest standard of insulation. The window’s U-value (heat transfer coefficient), R-value (thermal resistance) and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) are the main values to consider when sourcing high-performance windows.

To meet your energy-efficiency goals, it is essential that windows meet the standards set out by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE Standard 90.1, which provide the minimum energy-efficient guidelines. If you want to achieve an even higher standard for energy efficiency, the ASHRAE Standard 189 and International Green Construction Code (IgCC) establish the baselines for sustainability goals.

In addition, it is important to take measures to increase the performance of the building envelope itself in the event of remodeling or refurbishing an existing structure, as there is no point in installing costly, high-performance windows when the building itself is not designed with these goals in mind. A high-performance envelope includes different technologies and materials to increase air-tightness (preventing heating and cooling losses from leaks) and insulation (in walls, ceilings, and roof assemblies as well as around ventilation systems), and eliminating losses and energy wastage from the building as a whole.

Finally, it is important to combine the installation of elements such as high-performance windows and insulation measures with a correctly-sized high-efficiency HVAC system. These systems are rated to ensure that energy usage is optimized for heating and cooling output to reduce energy wastage. State-of-the-art systems also come with additional smart technology and controls in the form of variable frequency drives (VFDs), automation (allowing for greater temperature control to reduce wastage), and zoning (providing heating and cooling only where it is needed).

An experienced commercial HVAC contractor can not only design and correctly size an HVAC system complete with smart controls for your needs, but they can also install and insulate the ventilation system itself to ensure optimal performance.

Expert Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Commercial HVAC Systems in NJ 

If you are looking for the right air conditioning or heating system for your commercial building, our commercial HVAC company in NJ is here to assist. At Tri-Tech Energy, we specialize in both heating and cooling systems as well as in the design and installation of custom, cutting-edge commercial HVAC systems, HVAC control systems, and commercial ductwork and commercial ventilation systems for a wide range of clients. Our mobile teams of experienced commercial HVAC contractors offer expert maintenance and repair services for commercial HVAC systems and heating systems, serving the entire New Jersey area and operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so our team is ready to help whenever you need it. 

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