Are you looking to be part of a professional team in the commercial HVAC industry? When you choose to join Tri-Tech Energy, you’ll be a part of a leading company in the industry that values growth and values learning the latest techniques and innovative trends within commercial HVAC

Contributing to an energy-efficient and more sustainable world is rewarding to say the least. In this career path, you’ll be helping businesses by installing sustainable HVAC solutions, which will significantly benefit their corporate environment – and more importantly, the people working in their corporate environment. In this article, Tri-Tech Energy will discuss the undeniable benefits of joining our team of commercial HVAC technicians serving Northern NJ

Career Stability and Compensation 

Proactive HVAC maintenance allows businesses to save significantly on repairs by keeping their current systems working efficiently. Investing in regular maintenance of commercial cooling and heating systems ensures that companies continue to save, extending the lifespan of their products and keeping their energy bills at a minimum. However, there are many commercial businesses that do not understand the importance of regular HVAC maintenance, and unfortunately – find themselves in an emergency repair situation. 

A career in HVAC repairs is a lucrative one, with some statistics from estimating about $41,000-$58,000 for beginner to mid-level, and around $80,000 for senior HVAC technicians depending on their qualifications and skills. In general, HVAC servicing jobs are here to stay – whether it’s an installation, repair or routine maintenance. 

The industry sees fewer downtimes because there is always work to do when maintaining commercial HVAC systems. This is especially true since companies must ensure that their interior environments remain comfortable for their customers and guests. 

Learning Skills and Extensive Training 

If you choose to work with Tri-Tech, our team will ensure you receive proper training.  You will learn everything from energy-saving initiatives to recommending sustainable HVAC options for different commercial building owners. Some skills relevant to technicians in this field include solving problems, thinking on your feet, being proactive, and being a team player. More importantly, you need to know how to communicate with the client to understand what their needs are. Combine all this with good time management and organizational skills, and you are ready to go! 

If you find yourself having the qualities listed above, the next step is training. Comprehensive training helps secure new technicians and retain those who have been in the industry for a longer time. Ongoing training also helps stay ahead of the competition and includes working with state-of-the-art tools for diagnosing the core concerns affecting the HVAC system. There are also tools made for troubleshooting and ensuring that the electrical current flowing through is safe. Baseline tools include cameras, infrared devices, and equipment to recognize and root out system problems. 

Health, Dental Care & 401k

Our company benefits extend beyond a secure job! Taking care of the team of technicians includes a healthy 401K package with benefits like dental and healthcare. Other benefits include company vehicles, company tools, and uniforms. Did we mention that you will be part of one of the leaders in the commercial HVAC industry who has been around for over 30 years?

Paid Time Off!

Everyone needs a break – especially our HVAC technicians who work hard, day in and day out. As part of our team, you’ll receive paid vacation, holiday, and personal time off. We recognize that time away is good for the well-being of our workforce. A well-rested technician is sharp, can think clearly, and can work more efficiently. Hence, a happy, energized team is an effective team. 

Grow and fulfill your goals as a commercial HVAC technician by providing HVAC sustainable solutions to businesses in New Jersey.  To learn more about joining our commercial HVAC services company in NJ, please give us a call or visit our website at: