If you’re researching hot water options for your home or business, you’ve likely found several options to choose from. In this article, we’ll discuss three-way valves, a type of control valve and a popular choice for both residential and office hot water systems, and we’ll detail the advantages that come from using this type of valve. 

Having a reliable hot water supply is essential, especially when you have a property full of people who need to use hot water every morning before heading off to work or school. We’ve all been in situations where the hot water runs out, or simply stops working, and it can be a major inconvenience to wait for a water heater service technician to fix it. In many professional environments, like hospitals, it’s essential that the hot water supply be reliable around the clock. 

What is a three-way mixing valve?

A three-way mixing valve is a piece of equipment that works in conjunction with your water heater. As the name indicates, it mixes hot water from your water heater with cold water by mixing in cold water with hot water. It then delivers water of your desired temperature to your sinks, showers, and baths, and also to your heating systems like radiators. 

Think of a three-way mixing valve as a little water temperature regulator – when you turn on the faucet in your bathroom sink and adjust it to warm water, the three-way valve grabs a little bit of hot water and a little bit of cold water to ensure you get water that is exactly the temperature you need. 

What is the purpose of a three-way mixing valve?

  1. They prevent people from being scalded by water that’s too hot. Whether in a hotel, at work, or at home, we’ve all had the unfortunate experience of putting our hand under running water that is way too hot. Most water heaters are set to temperatures that are extremely hot, and water at these temperatures is generally only used in washing machines and dishwashers, not for bathing or handwashing. Three-way valves regulate the water that comes out of your faucets, so it’s not too hot to the touch. 
  2. They save energy by only drawing hot water from your water heater when it’s needed. Most of us only use a limited amount of hot water every day, so it doesn’t make sense for your water heater to be constantly producing a supply of hot water that won’t be used.

Advantages of the three-way mixing valves 

The three-way mixing valve adds a layer of safety to your hot water system, saves energy, and supplies your home or office with hot or warm water instantly. You won’t have to worry about wasted hot water, or water that’s way too hot to touch, and even if you have a house full of people you can all still enjoy a hot shower in the morning. 

These valves can be incorporated into most modern hot water systems, and we recommend consulting with your trusted HVAC company to learn about which one will work best with your set-up. Whether you’re interested in a three-way mixing valve at home or at your office, we know you’ll enjoy all of their advantages. 

For more information about three-way mixing valves, or if you have any questions about water heaters, please contact our team at Tri-Tech Energy today.