Hot water systems are crucial to the comfort of tenants in older apartment buildings. Is there anything worse than having to shower in cold water because your building does not have a reliable hot water supply? All systems have a limited lifespan. Now might be the time to upgrade your hot water system rather than wait for it to fail before organizing a replacement. Modern systems are more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Remember, any cost-savings will make your tenants happy! 

Tri-Tech Energy is a licensed plumbing and HVAC contractor with decades of experience working in commercial buildings throughout New Jersey. Tri-Tech provides domestic hot water services for new and old apartment buildings, including repair, maintenance and installation. We’ll share more about upgrading hot water systems in older buildings below.

Assessing the Challenges of Century-Old Hot Water Systems 

Century-old buildings and aged hot water systems offer unique challenges. Through experience, we know several issues need attention before a hot water system upgrade is possible. Many buildings have water heaters varying in age, size,  and manufacturer, making even simple repairs difficult. 

You might find pipes made from cast iron, brass, or galvanized steel that last well enough, but show signs of corrosion. Lead pipes are sometimes present and need to be replaced immediately. A final challenge of older hot water systems is finding incorrectly done repairs, causing problems throughout the building. Few service providers are willing to take on older buildings, but Tri-Tech Energy has extensive experience with aged water heaters and pipework.  

Modern Solutions for Upgrading Hot Water Supply   

There are plenty of solutions available for upgrading the hot water supply in older apartment buildings. Tri-Tech Energy experts can install modern boilers in certain commercial spaces that provide heating and domestic hot water. Many older buildings might have water heaters using oil, but that is an expensive and environmentally unfriendly choice. Natural gas can be more economical, and today’s energy-efficient appliances use less electricity.

The standard hot water systems available for commercial use include the tank storage system, tankless or demand water heaters, and a hybrid system. Each system has advantages and disadvantages, but the ideal system depends on the client’s needs.

Sizing and Design Considerations for Historic Buildings  

The biggest design challenge with hot water system upgrades in historic and older buildings is space. Modern hot water systems might not fit into the available square footage. Older hot water tanks could also be in inconvenient locations, impacting the new system’s efficiency. Historic buildings also have regulations governing work done on the structure.

Tri-Tech Energy has successfully sized, designed, and installed domestic hot water systems in historic buildings. We use sophisticated computer tools and custom software to analyze demand and determine the appropriate pickup load for each building.

Energy-Efficient Options for Hot Water Upgrades   

Are you interested in an energy-efficient hot water system rather than a standard water heater system? Heat pump water heaters use one-third to one-half as much electricity as a conventional water heater, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). They are available with built-in water tanks, or you can use them as an add-on to modern hot water tanks. 

Seamless Implementation: Ensuring Reliable Hot Water for Apartment Tenants 

Seamless implementation is the final step to ensure apartment tenants have a reliable source of hot water. Tri-Tech Energy’s senior team has over thirty years of experience with hot water systems in every imaginable condition. We collaborate with you to find the most cost-effective short and long-term solutions for your domestic hot water problems. 

Our team can install sophisticated boiler controls when implementing the hot water systems. We stage the boiler load to use minimal energy when the hot water system works at its peak. Your apartment building tenants will always have hot water after an upgrade performed by Tri-Tech Energy.

Do you want to modernize your apartment building’s hot water systems? Contact Tri-Tech Energy today or visit our website for more information: