You may not think your HVAC system plays a role in employee productivity, but it is absolutely something that cannot be underestimated. It is challenging to balance everyone’s needs, as every maintenance manager can confirm. However, your employees and the company win when you create a comfortable and healthy work environment. Tri-Tech Energy is one of the largest providers of commercial HVAC services throughout New Jersey. We operate seven days a week, 365 days a year, providing service-driven solutions. Let’s discuss how your employees can be more comfortable at work with the right HVAC system. 

The Science of Comfort: Understanding the Relationship Between Temperature and Productivity   

Have you noticed how distracted colleagues become when the office is cold? They have the urge to move around and start looking for something to wear or a hot drink. The coldness distracts them from their work, as they are consciously and subconsciously focused on easing their discomfort, resulting in lower productivity. They also tend to complain more, affecting morale. When the office temperature is too high, people start feeling sleepy. They work slower and become unfocused. 

Research shows that women tend to be more productive and focused when an office is warmer, while men are less affected by different temperatures. The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration has no regulations addressing temperature in an office setting, but they recommend temperature control in the range of 68-76°F. 

Breathing Easy: How Optimal Air Quality Boosts Employee Health and Focus 

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is another office feature highlighting the impact of HVAC on employee productivity. Inadequate ventilation, high temperatures, and high humidity levels decrease air quality by increasing pollutant concentrations. It can impact employee health in the short and long term, causing them to take more sick days. Colleagues then carry the additional work burden, lowering their work satisfaction.  

What effect does optimal air quality have on your employees? They feel healthier, which cuts down on healthcare costs. Workers are more focused. Their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities increase. Work quality improves as people make fewer errors and are generally happier at work. All these factors work together to increase productivity. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers three basic strategies to improve indoor air quality: source control, improved ventilation, and installing effective air cleaners. 

Tailoring the Workplace Environment: HVAC Solutions for Enhanced Productivity  

How can HVAC solutions enhance employee productivity? Tailor the workplace environment by doing the following:

Increase natural ventilation. Allow employees to open windows for fresh air

Create zones. Zone workplace areas that allow individuals to choose the temperature setting they feel most comfortable with. 

Install smart thermostats. Create a comfortable environment and save energy by installing smart thermostats and occupancy sensors that regulate temperature and ventilation based on occupancy.

Encourage employee communication. The best way to determine if employees are happy with the office temperature and air quality is to encourage their feedback.  

Perform regular maintenance. Arrange for scheduled HVAC system inspections, cleanings and filter replacements. Tri-Tech Energy uses advanced diagnostic equipment to evaluate the condition of your HVAC system and locate problems. 

Smart Thermostats and Beyond: Leveraging Technology for Employee Well-being   

Smart thermostats are the ultimate science comfort tool. They improve employee comfort and well-being in the office while saving costs and contributing to your company’s sustainability goals. The thermostats are controlled remotely with internet-connected devices like smartphones. Employees can set their preferred temperature when booking a meeting room online, and the smart thermostat will learn their preferences in time, automatically recreating the settings on other occasions. 

Does your staff sometimes work over weekends or at night? Use smart thermostats to set the temperature and humidity levels in your building’s active sections. Employees will enjoy a comfortable workplace without having to set anything themselves. It allows them to solely focus on their tasks.

Tri-Tech Energy supports the HVAC needs of diverse commercial clients, including commercial offices and large mixed-use buildings. We are highly experienced in all elements of HVAC, and are one of the few companies in NJ that can manufacture its own custom ductwork. Do you want to improve the role of HVAC in employee productivity? Please contact our team at Tri-Tech Energy today or visit our website for more information: