If you’re a commercial building owner then you know how difficult it can be to strike the perfect balance between maximizing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, and ensuring you’re providing the most comfortable atmosphere for the building’s occupants. This is made even more difficult when you live in New Jersey because we often experience extreme temperatures in the summer and the winter, as opposed to places with more moderate climates year-round. Your building needs to be warm enough in the winter without making occupants feel too hot, and cool enough in the summer without being too cold. 

While you may think you have to choose between comfort and efficiency with your commercial HVAC system, advancements are being made every day that offer you more energy efficient solutions without sacrificing comfort. Newer commercial HVAC systems are energy efficient and provide the building’s occupants with greater comfort levels, meaning the battle between comfort and efficiency is not as great as it once was. So, why should you upgrade your commercial HVAC systems?

  • Better and more efficient heating. It’s no secret that commercial heating bills can be very expensive around this time of year, but heating is essential for the comfort of the occupants and to keep equipment working properly. Customized HVAC systems allow you to control which areas of your building are heated at certain times, and allow you to adjust the temperatures to different levels throughout. With older systems, sometimes the only options are “on” and “off.”
  • Better ventilation. Proper ventilation is critical, especially in colder climates with higher humidity levels. Poor ventilation causes condensation and mold that can pose serious health hazards for staff, and can damage both the interior and exterior of your building. When you hear the word ventilation you may associate it with expensive heat loss, but modern HVAC systems minimize heat loss while ensuring adequate ventilation, keeping the occupants comfortable and your building protected.
  • More efficient air conditioning. Most commercial buildings contain electrical equipment like computers and servers that must be kept cool. And in the warmer months, staff need a cool atmosphere in order to feel comfortable in the office. Customized HVAC systems use a combination of modern technology and energy efficient strategies to minimize operating costs while maintaining a comfortable interior, meaning you won’t incur expensive monthly AC bills.

Working with a trusted commercial HVAC contractor 

As you can see, it’s no longer necessary to choose between comfort and efficiency when it comes to heating and cooling your building. By working with a trusted commercial HVAC contractor, you can install a customized HVAC system that meets all of your heating and cooling needs, while still being energy efficient. Commercial buildings have very specific temperature requirements, both for the sake of staff and for the equipment. Property owners no longer need to incur exorbitant monthly energy costs in order to maintain optimal temperatures. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for commercial buildings, so speak with a commercial HVAC contractor today and discuss your precise requirements. HVAC technology is regularly improving as the industry strives to provide more energy efficient heating and cooling solutions.

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