Looking for job opportunities in HVAC? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is an exciting industry with plenty of job opportunities. There is a high demand for HVAC technicians thanks to ever-changing technology and heating and cooling demands. Whether you are just starting in your career or are an experienced technician, you can find a job with great earning potential, flexibility, and benefits! Learn about job opportunities and how to build a successful career in HVAC here.

Learn From Experienced Professionals

It can be overwhelming to enter a new industry, especially when you don’t have much experience in the field. You are better equipped to learn about the industry when you choose a company with mentors who will guide you along the way. Tri-Tech Energy is a full-service mechanical contractor with experienced professionals who are willing to help you to learn and grow in the HVAC industry. 

You can become an expert in your field and grow your career with the Tri-Tech Energy team. We ensure that all employees receive professional training and development opportunities. Every employee will be given the tools to learn the latest industry technologies and safety procedures from professionals with decades of experience in the field. 

No Two Jobs Are Ever the Same

You won’t ever be stuck in a job you find tedious and unchallenging. There are different job opportunities available in the HVAC field. You can choose to become an HVAC technician, boiler burner mechanic, thermal engineer, HVAC project manager, or air conditioning engineer, among other jobs. With the Tri-Tech Energy team, you can choose a new and challenging job across an array of areas.

When you join our team, you will be exposed to different challenges to help you to excel. Whether you want to help people find a system to reduce their energy consumption or improve their indoor air quality, you will have the chance to learn on the job and develop new skills along the way. If you find something new you are interested in, our senior team can help you learn what it takes to succeed. They are always offering new technicians the chance to get familiar with an array of fields. 

Technology Keeps Changing

The latest innovations in HVAC technology are incredible. From free-cooling economizers to modular boiler systems, computerized boiler controls and sustainable systems, HVAC technology is always evolving. At the moment, HVAC industry teams around the world are using the latest technology to reduce our environmental impact while improving the ventilation in our indoor environment. Joining the industry allows you to learn the latest technological advancements to help people and the environment.

The Tri-Tech Energy team is constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing technological advancements of the field. Energy efficiency is important to us. Our employees learn to optimize pre-existing or new systems to maximize comfort while minimizing costs and energy consumption. Whether it’s tackling environmental issues with a heat exchanger or cooling ducts, you can learn everything it takes to transform homes and office buildings across the country.

High Pay and Benefits

HVAC is a thriving industry. Expect to receive competitive pay and an array of benefits, even if you’re a newbie. It is also a stable environment, as HVAC services are always in high demand, so you don’t have to worry about an unpredictable economy.

If you want a long-term career in HVAC, it is important to choose a team that can help you succeed. Along with assisting you to receive the knowledge and skills you need to grow your career, Tri-Tech Energy provides a great salary and benefits package to employees.

Here are some benefits you can receive by joining our team:

  • A company-sponsored health care plan for you and your whole family
  • A top-tier 401(k) savings plan with a company match
  • Paid vacation, holiday, and personal time.
  • Sign-on bonus for qualified personnel
  • Disability insurance
  • Company-provided uniforms – you can even receive annual work boot allowance
  • Company vehicle where applicable
  • Company phone or tablet

If you want to learn more about our job opportunities in HVAC, take a look at our job page or contact our team today!