As a commercial building owner you know how important it is that your HVAC systems work properly at all times. With that in mind, do you have an HVAC maintenance checklist that you follow on a regular basis? We know it’s easy to forget about routine maintenance and checks because HVAC systems are often out of sight, out of mind. However, failing to maintain your commercial HVAC systems can result in costly breakdowns while inconveniencing the occupants inside. Here’s our recommended HVAC maintenance checklist for commercial buildings. 

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Change the Air Filters Regularly

Your air filters catch all kinds of dust, particles, and other debris to keep it from entering your building. As a result, they can get clogged very easily and when that happens, they restrict the airflow and your HVAC system has to work harder to pump air, meaning you’re wasting energy and costing yourself more money. 

We recommend you change your air filters at least once every three months, but for buildings where the HVAC system is constantly running, they may need changing more frequently. 

Visually Inspect the System

If you have a building manager or a building maintenance person, they should carry out visual inspections on a regular basis. We often see cases where people don’t conduct visual inspections until something goes wrong, and by then it’s usually too late to fix the problem quickly. 

So what should they be looking for? Be on the lookout for any leaks, rust, disconnected pipes, and dirty refrigerant lines. They should also check all air vents for any blockages or build-up. 

 Recalibrate Your System Bi-Annually

You use your HVAC system differently in the summer than you do in the winter. But did you recalibrate it to make sure it’s been adjusted to your needs? We recommend checking your HVAC settings twice a year – once before the summer and once before the winter – so you can make any necessary adjustments and ensure your system isn’t wasting energy. 

Check & Clean Drainage Lines

Your HVAC system creates water vapor when heating and cooling your air, and this vapor must be carried out of your building and disposed of properly in order to avoid damage. Over time your drainage lines can become clogged, so it’s critical that your building manager or your HVAC technician regularly checks your drainage lines and cleans them. The tray that collects the water vapor must also be emptied on a regular basis because it can attract mold, algae, and other bacteria. 

Clean AC Evaporator & Condenser Coils

The evaporator and condenser coils in your HVAC system attract debris, dust, and other build-up as the air flows through them. Same as with your air filters, when the build-up gets bad it can affect your HVAC system’s performance and efficiency, so we recommend you clean them at least once a year. 

Most commercial building owners call their HVAC technician when something breaks, however we recommend investing in regular HVAC maintenance to prolong the life of your system, save energy, and keep your costs as low as possible. HVAC breakdowns often result in expensive repairs, or maybe even needing to invest in a whole new system, and it may mean that you have to close your business until the problem is fixed!

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