HVAC control systems have advanced a lot in the last decade, and one of the most current HVAC trends is using data gathered from a digital twin to improve your building’s performance. A digital twin is an entirely digital copy of all the systems throughout your building, including lights, air conditioning, heating, and security systems, to name a few, and commercial property owners use digital twins to identify areas for reduced energy usage, performance improvement, and to prevent future disruptions or breakdowns. 

The job isn’t finished once you’ve gathered data via a digital twin, however. Think about how many people are involved with keeping your systems running on a daily basis, and how many people are involved in the maintenance and repair of these systems. You need all these people to understand the systems and the data, inside and out.

So how can you use data to improve your building’s performance?

  • Hold mandatory training sessions for everyone involved. Just because you’ve mastered the system doesn’t mean everyone else has, and what happens when you’re not there or if you’re away when an incident occurs? We recommend you go beyond a general training session that simply shows people the basics, and be sure your team knows how to gather and interpret the data, and how to make the subsequent adjustments to your HVAC systems. 
  • Create and enforce continuity. This is especially important if you own multiple commercial buildings that all use the same type of systems, because if your team moves from building to building they should be able to immediately recognize the components of your system without needing to consult a manual. Keep names and visuals like graphics the same throughout.
  • Keep accurate maintenance and servicing records. We know this part of the process is easy to put off or forget entirely, but when new members join the team they’ll need the most up-to-date documentation regarding any work done to your systems so they can pick up where the last person left off. It’s a community effort that pays off in the end. 
  • Hold brainstorming sessions and encourage your team to share ideas. Perhaps someone on your team has an idea that will improve processes, or maybe someone has a smart trick for doing something more efficiently. People who work with the data on a regular basis are often the ones who make the wisest suggestions. 

Investing in commercial HVAC services 

As you can see, gathering data from your HVAC control system is only the first step of the process. You need a team of people who understand the systems and the digital twins. If one person is absent on a particular day, it should be more than possible for someone else to step in without any issue.  

You can have the most advanced HVAC system on the market, but if you don’t properly train your team and ensure they understand how to interpret the data and implement the necessary changes, then your building’s performance will not improve. 

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