If you’re a commercial property owner, then monitoring the efficiency of your building is undoubtedly one of the most important things you do on a regular basis. It’s essential to keep buildings like town halls, offices, schools, and other commercial properties properly heated and cooled. And in an effort to keep monthly HVAC costs under control, many building owners are seeking to maximize the efficiency of their buildings. However, if you own multiple commercial properties and each building contains several systems, the monitoring process can easily get complicated and turn into a job for several people. 

This is where metering comes in. Energy metering provides you with important data that enables you to make instant, substantial improvements. Certain meters, like smart meters, bring together all the data from your systems and provide you with a centralized hub from which you can monitor it.

Metering Also Helps You Save Money By:

  • Detecting any inefficiencies in your systems
  • Benchmarking building performance
  • Identifying areas of excess energy usage
  • Managing demand of different systems in different parts of your building
  • Predicting potential disruptions and helping you avoid system breakdowns

Smart metering systems collect vital information about the usage of energy, water, and gas in your buildings. Having all of this data in a central location means you won’t need to conduct separate checks on individual systems. If a problem occurs, you can check the smart meter to find out where it is and fix it quickly. 

Metering is also beneficial because, in the past, only certain people had access to certain systems in commercial buildings. For example, if you suspected there was an electrical issue, it required you to call an electrician to conduct an in-person inspection. Same goes for your water and gas systems. However, when you use a smart meter to monitor your building’s efficiency, all of your building managers are able to access the smart meter. Which means they’ll be able to see where the problem is coming from instantly, without causing major disruptions. They’ll also be able to call the appropriate repair people to remedy the issues.

Upgrading Your Commercial Ventilation System In New Jersey

One of the many benefits of using metering to monitor your building efficiency is understanding exactly how well your commercial ventilation system is performing. Depending on where you live, the average lifespan of a commercial HVAC system is 15-20 years, and if the smart meter is showing that your HVAC units are performing poorly, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Modern HVAC systems are extremely energy efficient, and with commercial building owners under pressure to cut costs and simultaneously reduce their carbon footprint, investing in an energy efficient HVAC system is often a great solution. 

As you can see, metering simplifies building efficiency monitoring by centralizing your data in a single place and giving you total oversight of your systems. Meters also enable you to provide a comfortable atmosphere for your staff, and they minimize workplace disruptions caused by system breakdowns.

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