Building for greater sustainability and savings in the name of saving the planet is a huge and still-growing trend for businesses and developers around the world. At Tri-Tech energy, we see this every day as commercial building owners look to us lower the costs of heating and by upgrading older equipment and installing sophisticated control systems. Here are some of the biggest Green building trends we see in 2019.

  • Building for resilience: This is all about building a structure that is able to last – not just in terms of durability but in terms of their ability to cope with natural disasters, changes in climate and extreme weather. Ideas that are making an impact include flexible electric grids, innovative planning for water lines, buildings that remain sound in the event of flooding or earthquakes. This will also make an impact on the way HVAC equipment is installed and placed throughout a building. Tri-Tech has worked with green building partners to deliver energy efficient installations in all kinds of large commercial buildings.
  • Going off-grid: More and more businesses are looking for ways to take control of – and responsibility for – their own energy usage, either by supplementing their grid supply through solar energy or designing a building that can operate completely off the grid. Innovative solar panel design and battery storage technology is making this easier and more effective than ever before, and some businesses are even able to supplement their running costs by selling excess energy back into the grid.
  • Data collection and analysis: Smart buildings are now incorporating more comprehensive technology, sensors and software to accurately monitor a building’s performance. With the right system in place, building managers can measure occupancy, air quality, temperature, water and energy use to detect abnormal use rapidly and realize new opportunities to reduce wastage. An example of this is Tri-Tech’s use of the Heat-Timer Platinum Series controls for heating and DHW which can take an inefficient, older boiler implementation and save tens of thousands of dollars every month on utility bills in the winter.
  • Indoor air quality: Poor indoor air quality directly affects the health and productivity of people within a building and, with a focus on wellness and health, more businesses are prioritizing high indoor air quality as part of their Green building initiatives. With high-efficiency HVAC systems, indoor air monitoring sensors and a comprehensive maintenance plan, these buildings are able to eliminate harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), unpleasant odors and off-gasses, protecting the people within the building.

In 2019, Why not take Make your Commercial HVAC Greener?

If you’re considering upgrades to your building that deliver healthy returns for you as well as your tenants, choosing an energy efficient HVAC system is often the best option. At Tri-Tech Energy, we specialize in designing and installing custom, cutting-edge HVAC, ductwork and commercial ventilation systems, as well as providing long-term expert maintenance. We serve the entire New Jersey area and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so our team is ready to offer assistance whenever you need it. For more information on our company or services, please contact us today or visit our website at