Are you a property owner looking for commercial HVAC solutions for your buildings? Anyone who owns commercial property knows that faulty HVAC systems can cause major disruptions and result in expensive costs. Not only that, but faulty HVAC systems interrupt the people who are in the buildings, like employees in an office building, and can have a major impact on productivity and comfort. It’s very cold this time of year, which means it’s unacceptable to have continual problems with your heating systems. 

Additionally, commercial property owners are under pressure to use more energy-efficient technologies and reduce their energy consumption where possible. Older, less efficient HVAC systems can be wasteful, susceptible to breaking down from time to time, and often costly to run. 

What is Big Data, and how can it help?

Big Data uses analytics gathered from your commercial buildings’ HVAC systems and other electrical systems to find historical trends, analyze and identify cause-and-effect patterns, and make future predictions regarding HVAC performance. For example, if your heating systems have stopped working twice during the last three months, Big Data can help identify the reason and let you know when it may happen again, so you can act before something goes wrong. 

When it comes to cost efficiency and reducing energy consumption, Big Data can help in the following ways:

  • Identifies areas for energy savings in your building. For example, if there are no people on the 14th floor of your building until 11am, there’s no need for the heating or the lights to be turned on at 7am. If there’s an area of your building that’s usually empty except for a few days a week, Big Data will highlight this and you can adjust your HVAC systems as needed.
  • Helps you create the optimal environment for people in your building. We’ve all worked in an office building or been in a classroom where no one can agree on the temperature. It’s always too warm or too cold. Using analytics from Big Data, you can find and maintain an optimal indoor temperature for your buildings, eliminating the need to be constantly turning the thermostat up and down throughout the day.
  • Flags potential future issues and disruptions with your HVAC systems. Imagine knowing your heating system will stop working before it actually happens. HVAC systems can be complex with many different parts, coils, and vents, and using an analytics system can alert you to performance issues in specific parts of your HVAC system. You can have these parts inspected before they stop working entirely and prevent major disruptions and costly repair bills. 

Commercial HVAC services and more at Tri-Tech Energy in NJ

Many commercial property owners are discovering the advantages of Big Data and other similar technologies that allow them to save money and reduce waste. While older, less efficient HVAC systems can result in a lot of wasted energy and money, there are ways to integrate energy-saving technologies without having to re-build your HVAC systems from scratch.

This is especially relevant for those who own older properties, because typically, older buildings have outdated HVAC systems that are difficult to upgrade. With the help of a trusted commercial HVAC company like Tri-Tech Energy, you can optimize your building and start saving energy and money very soon. 

If you’d like more information about commercial HVAC services, or if you have any other questions, please contact our team at Tri-Tech Energy today.