Upgrades are a natural part of the lifecycle of a commercial building, bringing benefits such as a reduced environmental footprint, improved safety and more importantly, reduced operating costs. Before implementing an upgrade, it’s important to properly evaluate each option to optimize results for both your building and its tenants, taking into account how your building is used, the current condition of your building, and your vision for its future. Here are four upgrades to consider for 2020, from our commercial HVAC company in NJ.

Smart Infrastructure:

We’re living in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), a time when interconnectivity is not only easier and more desirable, but also more essential than ever before. With the 5G roll out in full-force, building infrastructure needs to be able to carry and facilitate the IoT, whether you are catering to commercial businesses or running a multifamily apartment building. Being wired for high-speed services or even providing high-speed WiFi carries immense value for your tenants who want to work from home, invest in smart appliances or install the latest tech in their offices. It’s also a good idea to start installing additional USB socket outlets throughout the building. This is also beneficial to managing your building more efficiently, allowing for the installation of integrated, smart facility management systems.


The State of New Jersey is offering great opportunities and incentives for commercial buildings to install high-tech solar systems. Not only can these systems help reduce your energy costs significantly, but they also improve the value and the image of your building. More and more consumers, tenants, and organizations are seeing the value in going Green – lowering their environmental footprint, whether it’s as part of their personal value system or for the benefit of their investors, shareholders, and customers.

Curb Appeal:

This is one of the most desirable aspects of a commercial building. Guests want to feel pampered as they arrive at your door, businesses want clients to be impressed by their brand’s first impression, and tenants want to live in a building that reflects what they’ve achieved in life. Deep cleaning, new paint, landscaping, upgraded lighting, and stylish signage all refresh your building’s image, helping it stand out and attract quality tenants.

Energy-Efficient HVAC:

Energy costs are on the rise and, therefore, the pressure is always on for facility managers to reduce operating costs. With heating and cooling taking up the biggest portion of these costs, making upgrades to energy-efficient systems with an AFUE of 90% or higher is a must-have upgrade. If you don’t have the capital to upgrade your equipment, then at least consider investing in HVAC and heating control systems that can actively monitor water usage, offer day/night load programming and boiler sequencing for older steam and hydronic heating systems.

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