The best time to upgrade your building or facility’s commercial air conditioning system is in the last few months of cool weather, before the heat – and the rush – sets in. With one of the largest electrical loads in residential and commercial buildings, it makes sense to invest in energy efficient upgrades that can help reduce running costs. Here are a few projects to consider, from leading NJ commercial HVAC contractors.

4 Upgrades for Commercial Air Conditioning Systems for Energy Savings 

1. Building Envelope Improvement 

The condition of your building makes a significant impact on both cooling and heating efficiency. So, it’s a good idea to have a professional building envelope inspection before making any upgrades. Check for areas where poor insulation can be improved and where air leaks can be blocked. Once these improvements are made, you’ll lessen the workload on your current system for an immediate efficiency improvement.

2. Adequate Air Conditioning Capacity

Excess cooling capacity is not a good thing, despite sounding like it. Buildings with oversized air conditioning systems suffer from a range of costly issues. Not only is the equipment more expensive to purchase, but running and maintaining them is more expensive too. That’s because an oversized air conditioner has so much spare capacity that it operates on short cycles, causing faster mechanical wear. Instead, aim to install a commercial air conditioning system with adequate capacity so that your unit runs the way it was designed to.

3. Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems 

One major upgrade for any building is the installation of a VRF system. Older air conditioning systems have a blanket approach to cooling and limited ability (if any) to cool designated zones. VRF systems, however, are all about zoning because they can be programmed to only cool where it’s needed, resulting in significant energy savings.

4. Programmable Thermostats and Smart Technology 

Buildings and facilities management is becoming more customizable and more connected every day, with the benefit being that buildings are becoming more efficient with technology and enjoyable to use. Technology like Wi-FI  programmable thermostats and Building Automation Systems with Direct Digital Controls help facility managers allocate energy resources more effectively. Many smart systems use BAS with remote sensors to self-regulate, automatically adjusting cooling and heating for unoccupied to occupied spaces as people come and go.

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