Commercial HVAC is one of the biggest – if not THE biggest – energy consumer in commercial buildings, so it makes sense that companies and property owners put considerable time and effort into reducing these day-to-day costs. One way of achieving this is through a full HVAC system upgrade to the latest energy-efficient offering, but the more financially conservative option is to at least ensure that your system is kept running as efficiently as possible through a robust system maintenance program. So, what should this program include? Here’s some insights from our team of experienced commercial HVAC contractors.

Preventative Commercial HVAC Systems Maintenance Checklist 

  • This should occur in the spring for your cooling systems and fall for your heating systems.
  • Outdoor components should be inspected and cleaned, including drain pans, condensate lines, coils, compressor, fan motor/blades, control boxes/switches, and refrigerant levels measured.
  • Indoor components should be inspected and cleaned, including blower assembly, belt lubrication/replacement, combustion inducer fan motor, , evaporator coil, drip pan, condensate lines, burner assembly, ignition systems, safety controls, heat exchanger, flue system, control box/switches, air filters and duct system.

Additional Commercial HVAC Systems Maintenance Checklist 

  • Air filters inspected and replaced every 3 months. This should be monitored regularly and should occur more frequently in times of very heavy use. This alone can help decrease energy consumption by 15%.
  • Routinely check the building’s thermostats to ensure that they are at a comfortable setting that optimizes energy savings. This should also include shutting down ventilation to unused areas of the building. Thermostats should also be tested routinely.
  • Drip pans and drain lines should be checked regularly for blockages, as these can cause inefficient operation as well as leading to mold and mildew growth, and damage to the building.

Lower Costs and Work in Comfort with a Professional Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contract 

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