It’s very important that commercial heating systems are working at their optimal capacity and efficiency through the New Jersey winter – without them, many businesses would have to shut down completely. These systems work really hard to keep us warm and comfortable in even the most bitter weather, but if they aren’t maintained properly or are getting old, they can start to develop serious problems and cost a lot of money to run. Here are the most common issues to watch for, from a leading NJ commercial HVAC contractor.

  • Icing over: One most common type of commercial heating system is a heat pump, and when the outdoor unit responsible for providing thermal energy to warm the air ices over, your building is going to lose its heat supply. Icing over is usually prevented by a built-in defrosting cycle and if this fails your heating system will start circulating cold air.
  • Faulty ductwork: If your ductwork is very old or was installed by a contractor without the right experience or skills, you’re going to find that your heating system is delivering warm air only to certain parts of the building or failing to heat anywhere properly. This can be caused by cracks, holes and damage to the ducting itself, or disconnection. It’s always best to get an experienced commercial HVAC contractor,  in this case, to examine the ductwork and come up with a viable solution.
  • Electrical faults: Like ductwork and air filters, electrical components like wiring and switches suffer from wear-and-tear over time. These systems consume a huge amount of electricity, and this can lead to problems within the systems’ start and run capacitors. These malfunctions can easily create problems throughout the system and have to be fixed quickly or – even better – prevented through regular routine maintenance.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Refrigerant is responsible for transporting thermal energy around the heating system. When the system is installed, the contractor will ensure that there is sufficient Freon in the system to create a continuous cycle. If a leak occurs, the refrigerant levels will drop, and this usually manifests in the heating system slowly failing to cope with demand over time.

How to Fix Problems with Commercial Heating Systems 

Due to the complex and expensive nature of these systems, it is important not to try and attempt to repair them yourself, as this can result in even more costly repairs. A commercial HVAC contractor with the right experience, like Tri-Tech Energy, will be able to find the issue quickly, repair it and help you ensure that your system keeps running smoothly in future. In addition to our HVAC repair and maintenance services, we also offer domestic hot water systems services and 24-hour emergency repair services. We are also experienced in developing and installing customized heating solutions for commercial clients. For more information on our company or services, please contact us today or visit our website at