Monitoring, maintaining and repairing commercial HVAC systems can be a complex process. Depending on how old the HVAC system is, there are often many parts, vents, fans, and coils, and if one component breaks it can affect the entire system. When your HVAC system breaks down it causes major disruptions, both to you as the owner and to staff or tenants in your building. Not to mention, getting a repair person on site as soon as possible can leave you with a big bill. 

You may have heard about digital twins for HVAC systems. But what exactly is a digital twin, and how does it work?

A digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical object. For example, your heating systems contain multitudes of data about its performance, past usage, and other analytics. A digital twin is a virtual copy of all your heating system’s data, including maintenance records, service records, operating system, and every other piece of data available. Digital twins give you easy access to the most comprehensive data possible, and they allow you to control, maintain, and inspect your heating system remotely. 

Many commercial building owners are investing in digital twins for their HVAC systems. This technology allows you to identify areas for potential energy and cost savings. Digital twins make it easier for you to create the optimal environment for staff and other people in your building. It also gives you total control of your HVAC systems when you can’t be on-site, and allows you to track HVAC performance, alerting you when one or more components of your HVAC system is faulty. 

Digital twins are also convenient for technicians, who can virtually access your HVAC’s data remotely without having to take apart the entire physical system. System engineers can review the analytics to diagnose performance issues, identify future problem areas, and make recommendations to improve system performance. As mentioned above, HVAC systems are often complex with many different parts, and by using a digital twin your technician can hone in on the malfunctioning part without having to completely dismantle your HVAC system. 

Investing in your commercial HVAC systems

Still not convinced you should invest in a digital twin for your HVAC system? Then consider this: digital twins are helpful with tracking performance and planning for necessary maintenance, training new staff to monitor HVAC operations and maintenance, and making real-time decisions when potential disruptions or malfunctions are identified. While also providing you with detailed analytics reports to identify areas for improvement and savings. 

In the past, a broken down HVAC system meant you had to call a technician, wait for them to be available, and potentially stop operations at your building depending on the type of work being done. But thanks to advanced technologies like digital twins, HVAC systems are now able to run more smoothly and more efficiently than ever before. By investing in the latest technology you can ensure the life and performance of your commercial HVAC systems while saving both money and energy. 

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