Have you considered retrofitting your commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system instead of replacing it? We know systems have to be replaced at some point and it can be costly, but there is an alternative. All you need for improved efficiency is to integrate new components into the building’s HVAC units and add smart technology. HVAC retrofits can also be done for rooftop systems. In this article, our team of commercial HVAC contractors in NJ will take a closer look at the value of retrofitting to help you decide if that’s the right route for your system. 

Assessing the Potential: Is Your Commercial HVAC System Ready for a Retrofit?      

Businesses try to find ways to lower energy consumption as the cost of energy continually increases. Since heating and cooling systems are, by nature, energy intensive, you might find a HVAC retrofit is just what you need. 

The following are indications your HVAC system is ready for a retrofit. 

  • When your current HVAC system is more than ten years old.
  • Have your energy bills been steadily increasing, but it is not clear why? An energy audit might highlight an inefficient HVAC system.
  • Are your yearly HVAC repair costs growing?
  • Do you get more complaints than usual from tenants, employees or customers about indoor air quality? Then it is definitely time to retrofit the HVAC system.

Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Equipment: A Key Retrofitting Strategy   

Upgrading to energy-efficient equipment by retrofitting your HVAC system can have a positive impact on your energy consumption and expenses. It also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, making it a good choice for the environment as well. 

The Department of Energy’s Office of State and Community Programs (SCEP), states that energy costs in many buildings can be reduced by 20 percent or more when you identify and implement energy conservation measures, such as a retrofit. A well-designed retrofit can pay for itself through energy savings. At Tri-Tech Energy, we retrofit commercial HVAC systems of any size and can offer expert recommendations to support the efforts of businesses who want to become more energy-efficient.

Retrofitting Success Stories: How Businesses Cut Costs and Increased Efficiency     

As one of the largest commercial HVAC service providers in New Jersey, we serve office buildings, hospitality properties, retail stores, apartment complexes and more. One of our many success stories is the Tudor Hall Condominiums project in Englewood. The building was built in the late 1940’s, and although their heating system was obviously not as old as the building, it did need improvements, as energy was their largest operating expense. Our client followed our recommendations and the President of Tudor Hall Condominiums reports that “We are saving an average of $16,000 on our annual heating expense in an era of rising fuel costs. We are extremely pleased.”

Smart Controls and Automation: Transforming Older Systems into Modern Solutions     

It is possible to transform older systems into modern solutions by retrofitting HVAC systems. Building owners want to manage airflow, humidity levels, and temperatures from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop – made possible by the availability of smart controls. It is easy to automate a commercial HVAC system when you install smart sensors, thermostats and meters. It can even track the sun’s movement and activate air conditioning only where necessary.  

Software-enabled HVAC systems collect data such as system status, usage trends, and past performance, which helps with preventative maintenance. The modern HVAC control system of a large commercial heating or cooling installation can make your building more efficient and sustainable.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of HVAC Retrofits: Long-Term Savings and Benefits

One of the main benefits of retrofitting is that you receive a good return on investment (ROI) as your energy bills lower, thereby balancing out the retrofit’s cost. As mentioned earlier, your building will also become more energy-efficient, saving even more on your monthly utility bill in the long-term. When a professional and licensed service provider retrofits the system, it lasts for years with less downtime and reduced repair costs. Equally important is the goodwill your company will receive from customers, store owners, or members of the public who will enjoy a healthier and more comfortable environment.

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