Proactive maintenance and focused energy initiatives are two ways your NJ business can unlock savings. Wear and tear is a normal part of the equipment lifecycle, but it can get expensive if you don’t have a proactive maintenance strategy that prevents or limits equipment failure. Today, energy is not just a cost center; it can become a competitive advantage if you choose to be proactive about your energy initiatives. 

Increase your company’s asset reliability, reduce the risk of downtime, and cut your energy costs with the help of Tri-Tech Energy. We are New Jersey’s premier commercial heating, cooling, and mechanical contractor and have been serving the greater NJ area for more than 30 years. We install, repair, and maintain systems of every size and age at apartment complexes, malls, office buildings, industrial buildings, and factories. Let’s see how your business can improve hidden inefficiencies and save energy.

The Power of Proactive Maintenance: Extending Equipment Lifespan and Reducing Downtime  

It’s no secret – every business wants to reduce downtime and extend its equipment lifespan. However, this notion becomes easier when you choose to perform proactive maintenance. With this method, you discover and solve issues before problems occur. Yes, proactive maintenance might seem like it requires more time and money in the short term, but it is a cost-effective and efficient choice that will benefit your company in the long term. Examples of proactive maintenance include:

  • Lubricating machines to reduce wear, tear, and diffusion corrosion.
  • Performing inspections to look for rust, leaks, and cracks
  • Performing tests to look for pipeline erosion or surface material thinning. 

Leadership buy-in is vital to the success of a company’s proactive maintenance strategy. Preventing problems before they start increases productivity and profitability.

Exploring Energy Initiatives: How NJ Businesses Can Save on Operating Costs 

The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) states that improving energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost the competitiveness of U.S. businesses while combating climate change. It is a win-win for companies as you use less energy to perform the same task or produce the same result. Does energy represent a large part of your business’s operating costs? Conduct an energy audit to determine how energy costs can be reduced. Once you have all the relevant data, you can explore the energy initiatives best suited to your circumstances.  

How exactly do you conduct an energy audit? Assess your current energy usage and identify the areas where your company systems need improvement. The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has available programs and resources to help small businesses on their mission to become more energy efficient. 

Tailored Solutions for Sustainable Savings: Customized Energy Efficiency Recommendations

It is vital to find sustainable solutions to the energy inefficiency within your company, and the first step to success is involving your employees. Define what energy-conscious behaviors are in your business, in collaboration with the various teams, and communicate them frequently. You can even set up a reward system to encourage the behaviors. 

Are your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems optimized? Are you using programmable thermostats to reduce energy waste? HVAC systems consume a lot of energy, but regular maintenance, such as system upgrades and filter replacement, will improve their efficiency. Tri-Tech Energy can provide you with a tailored HVAC service plan and perform the maintenance throughout the year. 

How else can your business save sustainably? Use energy-efficient LED lights with motion sensors and timers, insulate the building properly and invest in equipment with Energy Star ratings or certifications. 

Securing Long-term Benefits: Investing in Proactive Maintenance and Energy Initiatives

It is possible to secure long-term benefits for your business by investing in proactive system maintenance and encouraging energy-efficient behaviors. Energy is expensive and should be a core element of every company’s sustainability efforts. Some of the largest commercial enterprises in NJ trust the expertise, responsiveness and integrity of Tri-Tech Energy. We save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars every year because the systems we install dramatically reduce their energy usage. 

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