We live in an age of continual advancements and improvements, and the HVAC industry is no exception. Here are some of the most popular system advancements, innovations and trends that are set to transform the industry, from a leading commercial HVAC company in NJ.

  • Air conditioning that is thermally-driven – Invented by Chromasun, an Australian company, this technology aligns well with the global drive to harness more eco-friendly, renewable energy sources. It uses solar energy supplemented by natural gas to provide higher cooling capabilities at incredibly low operational costs – a huge win for commercial and residential buildings.
  • On-Command™ hot water – This system, pioneered by Taco Comfort Solutions, is currently designed for residential rather than commercial use, but it’s technology will likely have a significant impact on commercial applications in years to come. Home’s waste around 12,000 gallons of water each year waiting for the hot water to arrive at their faucet. This system reticulates the wasted cold water back into the system for environmental and cost savings.
  • Ventilation sensors – Commercial buildings like hotels, apartment buildings and office buildings waste a huge amount of energy and money on wasted ventilation throughout the year. Sensors like Ecovent use motion sensor technology to detect when someone is in a room in order to supply heating and cooling as it’s required, resulting in precision savings. It can also be used to test air quality and air pressure, and it can all be monitored by a smart device. It’s currently on the market for homes, but it sets an exciting tone for commercial applications.
  • Dual-fuel heat pumps – Heat pumps aren’t common around New Jersey as the winter climate isn’t well-suited for geothermal heating. But a duel-fuel heat pump can mean that we’ll start seeing more of them soon. These devices, developed by a US-based company, use a combination of geothermal heat and electricity to meet heating and cooling demands in more variable climates. This allows you to make use of green, renewable energy when possible, reducing energy costs effectively.

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