In large commercial buildings like apartment blocks, hotels, retail outlets and office buildings, commercial ventilation systems play a critical role in providing a comfortable environment throughout the different seasons. Not only do they manage and control indoor temperature, they also bring in and filter fresh air from the outdoors and manage energy usage.

What Key Elements Determine Performance of Commercial Ventilation Systems?

Four elements play a role in determining the performance of a commercial HVAC system, including:

  • Fuel type – Electricity or gas.
  • Commercial ductwork and ventilation system – If there is a dedicated ventilation system.
  • Type of system – Chiller, heat pump, air conditioning or forced hot air.
  • Delivery method of heat or cool air – water system or ducted air, etc.

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

There are a few highly-effective solutions for large-scale commercial buildings that allow heating and cooling to be effectively managed for different floors, spaces and zones. These include:

  • Heaters – Hot air furnaces or radiant heaters.
  • Chillers – Generating cool water that is distributed to cooling coils through a piped system.
  • Heat pumps – Used for extracting heat from the air or water for heating or cooling.
  • Roof top units – Large units found on the roof or base of a building that duct air through a cooling system and into the building’s ductwork for distribution.

If your building is not newer, you’re likely to find that your HVAC system is a mix of various methods and systems as they have been adapted through the years. A professional commercial HVAC company will be able to do a full evaluation of your system and ductwork to ensure that you know what you’re dealing with – and that you can move forward with any modernization or repair projects.

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