Clean air is essential in the workplace, ensuring the health and safety of employees, improving productivity and protecting the condition of your computers. So, are your commercial HVAC ductwork and systems providing the clean, healthy air your commercial property needs? While the answer to this might seem obvious, there are actually many points of concern that professionals know to look for in commercial systems that go way beyond just changing your air filter.

Health Benefits of Commercial HVAC Systems

  • Preventing heat-related health issues:
    We often don’t realize that access to cool air is incredibly important for our health. In the heat of summer or hot working environments like factory floors, proper operating commercial HVAC prevents dangerous and potentially deadly health risks including dehydration and heat stroke. People with certain health conditions like heart disease and immune disorders also lower their risk of health complications when they can live and work in a cool environment. In hospitals and senior care facilities, commercial HVAC is essential for keeping patients stable and protecting the elderly who are at increased risk of dehydration and heat-related health issues.
  • Improving air quality:
    Outdoor air quality isn’t always of a very high standard, especially in cities and industrial areas where the air contains a high percentage of contaminants including exhaust fumes, dust, pollen, and industrial fumes. Commercial HVAC units are designed with a commercial or industrial environment in mind, so they are designed to supply clean air even in environments with a poor quality of outdoor air. This is done through high-quality filtration systems that remove bacteria, mold, allergens and air pollution – all contaminants that can trigger respiratory and health issues. It’s important to remember that the better your filtration system, the cleaner your air will be.

Maintenance is Key to a Healthy Air Supply in the Workplace

No matter how advanced your commercial HVAC system is, it will require preventative maintenance from a qualified and experienced commercial HVAC team in order to ensure that the air quality in your building stays at the right level. This includes filter cleaning and replacement to prevent mold, debris and bacteria build-up, as well as general maintenance to keep the system in proper working order, which will extend its lifespan as well as its performance.

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