A good commercial HVAC contractor is more than a company that you call when things start going wrong in your building – they’re a partner who works with you to ensure a healthy, comfortable environment for employees, clients and tenants. Here are some tips on finding a HVAC contractor that can be relied on for professional, expert service and advice.

  • Essential paperwork: One of the very first steps in this process is ensuring that the company has the correct permits and licensing from the state or municipality, and that they are in possession of a contract license surety bond. This ensures that the contractor is qualified and protects you against unfair dealings or if something goes wrong. It’s also important that your contractor has worker’s compensation insurance in case a worker is injured while working on your property.
  • Don’t accept a quote over the phone: Every building and HVAC system is unique, and there is simply no way to get an accurate grasp on what needs to be done without having a detailed on-site inspection and analysis. This quote should then be sent to you in writing and explained thoroughly if required, so you can be sure that both you and the contractor understands what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals.
  • Look for experience and a strong reputation: Commercial HVAC projects are very different from residential ones, so it’s important that the contractor you hire has experience in the right field. Additionally, you should choose a company that has considerable experience in providing the system you’re looking for, whether you are building a new commercial property from the ground up or retrofitting an old building. Commercial ductwork and ventilation is a complex job, and a contractor with the right experience can offer you the most effective and competitively priced solutions.
  • Talk about maintenance contracts: The best commercial HVAC contractors are interested in delivering consistent, high-quality services to their clients in the form of maintenance contracts. This allows contractors not only the ability to develop and install new systems, but to also keep them running at optimal levels for many years to come. Maintenance contracts should be designed to help you save money in the long run by providing expert preventative and predictive maintenance, on-site equipment repair, and much more.

Expert Installation and Maintenance of Commercial HVAC Ductwork and Ventilation Systems  in New Jersey

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