A commercial HVAC system is an expensive investment, and a preventative maintenance plan is designed to make this investment last. As commercial HVAC contractors, we know that building operations budgets are tight, and that happy tenants and guests are essential to your success – and we also know that a preventative maintenance plan plays a key role in managing both.

What to Consider in a Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Four checks per year – Ideally, a commercial HVAC system should be thoroughly checked at least four times per year. This should include one cooling start-up and one heating start-up as the seasons change (April/May for cooling, October/November for heating), a belt replacement (if needed), and four filter changes. To reduce the need for frequent filter changes, ask your HVAC contractor if it is possible to fit higher efficiency pleated filters. During these checks, blower bearings should be inspected and lubricated, safety and operating controls should be checked and adjusted, and the system should be verified as operable. In the spring check, the condensate pan, drain and trap should be cleaned.
  • Sprayer cleaning – Once a year, a sprayer should be used to clean both of the coils, the evaporator and the condenser. The coils may require cleaning with a brush first to take off heavy layers of debris and dust.
  • Pressure washer cleaning – For larger systems with coils that are eight rows deep, a hand sprayer simply won’t clean them effectively. A pressure washer will be needed here, especially if preventative maintenance has been neglected. It is vital that this is done professionally with the correct cleaning chemicals to avoid damage to the unit.
  • Megometer reading – A megometer reading of your HVAC unit’s motors and compressors should be taken during the heating and cooling start-up checks to give you a clear indication of the condition of these components. Based on the results, filter-driers, compressor oil and refrigerant can be added.

Leave it to Professional Commercial HVAC Contractors in New Jersey

A commercial HVAC contractor with the right experience, like Tri-Tech Energy, is expertly positioned to meet all your building’s commercial HVAC and commercial ductwork and ventilation needs, including system design and installation as well as maintenance and repair. We also offer 24-hour emergency repair services. For more information on our company or services, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.tritechenergy.com/