When most people think of smart heating and cooling systems, they think of high tech thermostats that can be controlled from their smartphones. But there is more to an HVAC control system, some smart technology used in home heating and cooling systems can include zoning systems that heat and cool only the parts of the office that is climate controlled. Investing in an HVAC control system can not only provide more comfort but has a list of benefits, as below, to why you should install a control system now. 

  1. Can reduce your energy bills

Most business owners invest in smart thermostats, ultimately, so they can minimize their energy usage. If reduces energy bill is not your main reason for installing an HVAC control system you could just set the thermostat at your preferred temperature and leave it that way all the time. But that would be wasteful and expensive, especially for a business.

Smarter commercial HVAC controls can aid in more ways to save energy than just turning the temperature down when nobody is in the office. Newer commercial HVAC controls can provide more consistent climate control as they have more sensitive sensors. Another way commercial HVAC controls reduce your energy bills is by adjustments to limit the peak load. 

  1. Advantage of multiple scheduling

The HVAC control system also has the advantage of multiple scheduling capacity. This allows you to preheat the office before the day starts or turn down the heat shortly before people leave. The commercial HVAC controls can manage different schedules for each day of the week, holidays, and automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

  1. Control every zone of your workspace

In a business location, you may have various zones with separate heating and cooling requirements. Depending on your type of business, you might also have inconsistent occupancy in each zone of your space that could change according to the time of day, or the day of the week, or even randomly. Smart commercial HVAC controls can provide you with one centralized system that can control every zone in your workspace.

  1. Can integrate with other systems

HVAC controls can integrate with other control systems and can work with your lighting and even your building access systems. With the new technology, you can automatically turn up the AC or heat unit and turn on the lights when the first person enters the property. automate control of your HVAC system to set temperatures and your lighting based on when the first person comes in and, then turn down climate control and lights after the last person swipes out. These commercial HVAC controls systems work great for businesses that don’t have regular hours.

  1. Prevent unexpected breakdowns

Many businesses can quickly come to holt if your office location comes to a halt due to an HVAC breakdown. Smart commercial HVAC controls can monitor your equipment and inform you when the system needs attention. This means that a problem can be resolved before you have an unexpected breakdown. HVAC control systems can send an alarm to your building manager or HVAC service provider to let you know when a monitored value is outside the set parameters. If you have a larger system that has more than one piece of the same equipment, your commercial HVAC controls can start the second piece of equipment if one fails.  

  1. Increased your property value

An HVAC automation system is a substantial asset to your business. Selling your commercial or industrial property with an HVAC control system can become a major selling point. Since commercial and industrial space is valued based on the net operating income (NOI) per square foot, the lower your HVAC footprint, the higher your NOI. The higher NOI a building offers the more appealing it will be at the time of sale.

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