A commercial HVAC system that works properly, keeping the air in your building filtered, flowing and at the right temperature is essential for everything from health and comfort to productivity. A malfunctioning or broken system is the opposite, causing great discomfort at the very least and a complete shutdown at worst. Here are some signs from an experienced commercial HVAC contractor that will ensure you get repairs done quickly and keep your building open for business.

  1. Noise: Buzzing, clanking and clicking noises shouldn’t be considered normal sounds for a commercial HVAC system, and can indicate serious problems are around the corner. This includes air bubbles in the refrigerant line from a leak or leaks, a failing air handler, or other serious issues – and the longer you wait for repairs, the more your system will deteriorate.
  2. Increased operating costs: It’s normal to have some fluctuation in your HVAC operating costs as the seasons change, but you should keep an eye on them to watch for any steady, unexplained increases. Unusually high costs indicate that your system is working much harder than it should be in order to maintain air flow, and may require something as simple as duct cleaning or something more complicated like duct leakage repair to fix it. Again, the sooner the issue is repaired, the better, as it will reduce your operating costs and ensure the repairs don’t become even more extensive.
  3. Low output: A drop in output can be disastrous for commercial buildings, and should be addressed as quickly as possible. It may be due to refrigerant leaks, problems with the air handler, or other more severe and complex repair issues.
  4. Bad odors: Are people in your building complaining of a musty, unpleasant or unusual smell indoors? Your HVAC system may be to blame. Leaks may be leading to the growth of mold and mildew, or the system may have become compromised with exhaust or other fumes. It’s essential to have this looked at as soon as possible, not simply to prevent the unpleasantness of the smell, but because the source of the smell may be toxic to people’s health.

Expert maintenance and repair for commercial air ventilation systems

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