As a building operations manager, deciding whether to repair or replace your commercial HVAC system could be one of the biggest decisions you make all year. HVAC systems are largely invisible yet play such a vital role in the comfort and health of those who use the building, and with 30% of commercial building energy consumption going towards maintaining this comfort, breakdowns in equipment can seriously affect your bottom line. Here are some tips on how to decide whether to repair or replace your HVAC system, from our commercial HVAC company in NJ.

  • Have your system inspected: A professional inspection can tell you a lot about the condition of your commercial HVAC system and these inspections can easily fall by the wayside if the units are in a hard-to-access area. If you have a periodic maintenance scheduled, ask the team to inspect rooftop units as well to save time.
  • Check your records: Your records should have information on the date of the original installation, repairs and maintenance records to evaluate how much repairs are costing, if they are escalating in frequency and severity, and if your HVAC units are reaching the end of their lifespan.
  • Analyze your results: This is essential for a cost analysis to see which option offers the better value. A general rule is that equipment over 10-15 years old is going to start breaking down and needing repairs more frequently – especially if it hasn’t been maintained well in the past. Older equipment also means that parts can be more difficult or more expensive to source. Another factor that will have an impact is how much you are spending each month on utilities to compare with what a high-efficiency replacement will offer.
  • Speak to the professionals: Commercial HVAC companies can visit your site, inspect your current equipment and quote you on a partial or full replacement as well as a repair so that you know exactly what numbers you’re dealing with and how financially viable each option is.

Our Commercial HVAC Company in NJ Offers Affordable, Professional HVAC Repair and Replacement

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