Uneven heating is one of the most common complaints that commercial heating systems specialists deal with through the winter months. Here are some insights into the different possible causes of uneven heating and how to solve them.

Causes of Uneven Heating

In winter, commercial heating systems are under a lot of pressure to supply warmth over a very large area, especially if your building is a large apartment building, hotel or office building. Uneven heating leaves everyone upset – their conference room may be boiling hot while their open-plan offices freeze, or their apartment might change from a steam bath to a freezer box from day-to-day. 

This not only means dealing with multiple, understandable complaints, but it also plays havoc with your heating bill, causing costs to soar. The source of heating issues can be challenging to detect and. therefore, it is a good idea to call out commercial HVAC contractors immediately to discover the source of the problem and repair it. This can include:

Old, Inefficient or Poorly Maintained Boilers:

The vast majority of buildings in New York and New Jersey have steam heating systems. These systems consist of commercial boilers that create steam. They use the resulting pressure and natural tendency for heat to rise to pump hot steam through the pipes from the basement right to the top of the building. In order to perform this feat, your boiler needs to be in excellent shape. If it’s old or in need of repairs, it simply can’t be relied on to perform – especially in a cold snap. Old boilers become less and less efficient with time, while poorly maintained boilers can be dangerous and can even cause a complete breakdown of your building’s heating system.

Clogged Piping: 

Pipes and tubing around the boiler can become clogged with soot, debris, and smoke that the boiler produces during combustion. This creates an insulating layer within the pipes that means they radiate less heat, so the boiler has to burn more and more fuel to hit the temperature set by the thermostat. Understandably, this means high energy bills, greater wear-and-tear on your boiler, and compromised heating through the building.

Heat Timer Out of Adjustment: 

Heating control systems allow you to fine-tune your building’s heating systems, and if you’re finding that lower floors are hot while upper floors freeze, it’s a good idea to have these controls checked out. It could be something as simple as your heat timer being out of adjustment. This will need to be checked by a technician, who will look at the settings, reverse-acting pressure control and weather-head outside the building to make sure these are all operating correctly at the most efficient settings.

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