If you look outside, the weather is still warm and sunny with fall only just beginning to creep into people’s minds – and that’s the ideal time to start preparing your building for the cold months ahead. Heating puts significant demands and stresses on HVAC equipment and commercial boiler systems, and different fuel sources require a different strategy to preventative maintenance and startup to ensure that your system runs smoothly and reliably through the winter. Here are some insights from local commercial HVAC contractors in New Jersey.

Types of Commercial Heating Systems

  • Natural gas heating – This is the most common type of heating in the USA as it is generally affordable and widely available.
  • Oil heating – This is common in the Northeast USA where there is far less infrastructure for piping natural gas.
  • Electric heating – This is common in areas where access to natural gas is limited and where electricity is competitively priced.
  • Geothermal heating – Heat pumps are more commonly found in the Southern USA, as they require temperatures no lower than 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit in order to be effective.
  • Propane heating – This isn’t very common in the USA, but can be found in areas where it’s similarly priced to natural gas, or as a temporary supply in new construction that is waiting on natural gas infrastructure.

Natural Gas Heating Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  • Replace or clean air filters
  • Check pilot and ignition system
  • Inspect and lubricate blower bearings and motor
  • Clean heating elements and heat exchanger with a brush
  • Check gas pressure and piping for leaks
  • Inspect all electrical connections for damage or wear
  • Check and test the thermostat
  • Run two heating cycles to test operation

Electric Heating Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  • Replace your air filters or clean removable air filters that are in good condition
  • Check all operating and safety control systems
  • Check thermostatic and economizer operation
  • Run checks on heating elements, the sequencers, temperature cut-out switches and fan-proving switch
  • Check all wires and electrical connections for damage, loose connections and stripped wires. Replace where needed.

Oil Heating Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  • Replace or clean air filters
  • Check thermostatic and economizer operation
  • Replace the oil filter and nozzle
  • Check the safety controls
  • Make sure there is no moisture in the tank
  • Check oil pump pressure

Outsource Your Preventative Maintenance for Commercial HVAC and Commercial Boiler Systems

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