Essentially, a hot water system analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of a project’s unique domestic hot water needs, challenges and specifics. It’s a critical foundation for ensuring that all necessary factors are taken into account in order to produce a system that is robustly designed, installed and managed to meet the needs of the building and its inhabitants. Here’s some insights from our domestic hot water systems specialists.

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Domestic Hot Water System

Each project is different in terms of the building’s size, use, architecture/design and even geographic location. This means that there’s no single solution that can be used for malls, schools, office buildings and apartment blocks. Specialists need to work on the project from the initial stages to ensure that the hot water systems are designed and installed to work with the building and deliver long-term services that are in line with the developer’s vision. This is where a hot water system analysis comes in to play.

Common Questions Addressed in a Hot Water Systems Analysis

As part of this analysis, specialists will address certain critical questions, including:

  • Is this project a new build or a renovation with existing hot water systems?
  • What is the type, physical location and intended use of the building?
  • What NJ state building codes and code amendments are applicable to the project?
  • Are there any unusual requirements for the project, for example, is it a Green project or does the developer want to focus on certain new technology?
  • Are there any high-use plumbing fixtures in the building, such as heated pools, health clubs, laundry or food service areas?
  • What energy sources are available?
  • How much space is available for the system?
  • What is the quality of the water supply to the building?
  • Are there likely to be high activity and inactivity periods, and when would those occur?

Partner with Domestic Hot Water Systems Specialists in NJ for Professional Design, Installation and Maintenance

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