When installing commercial heating systems, there are a lot of different factors to consider, from the fuel type and cost to the distribution method utilized by the system. Another critical factor that can’t be ignored is the size of the unit: its capacity in relation to the demands of your commercial property. Here is what will happen when your commercial heating system is incorrectly sized:

Oversized Commercial Heating Systems

In these cases, the system is capable of delivering far more heat than your building requires. In commercial heating systems the heating cycle is set by their size, that is, how much hot air they push out in one cycle. When the heating system is too big for the building, the thermostat automatically shuts off the heating system mid-cycle.

This is a problem because these systems are designed to operate their full heating cycle and shutting them off mid-cycle actually increases wear-and-tear on the equipment. This translates into more and costlier repairs as well as a higher risk or breakdowns. Overly large heating systems are more expensive to buy and more expensive to run, and you’ll likely have to replace it much sooner than an appropriately-sized model.

Undersized Commercial Heating Systems

Smaller commercial heating systems may be more affordable, but if they are too small for your building then you are going to see similar issues as with the oversized heating systems. As they are not big enough to generate the required amount of heat, the system will start working overtime to warm the building, which may never actually reach the target temperature. This will waste significant amounts of energy as the unit will always be on and working at full capacity, which also increases wear-and-tear on the heating system. You’ll likely be plagued by constant repairs, maintenance issues, and breakdowns – not to mention complaints by those in your building – and you’ll have to replace the unit much earlier than anticipated.

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